Monday, February 28, 2011


Today notes the end of February '11. WTF 2 months in already ?!?!?!?!

Things I Am Obsessing For The Month Of February
  1. Polo mints. They are so hard to find ! I'm seriously obsessed.
  2. Burlesque soundtrack. Christina Aguilera can do no wrong in my book.
  3. Perfumes. I don't know but I just feel the need to spray every perfume there is in the department store on me. Thinking of buying a new one. I absolutely LOVE Lancome's Miracle and Ralph Lauren's 'Romance'. Been spraying Tania's Chanel a lot. I FREAKING LOVE THAT SCENT.
  4. Eyeshadows. I love make-up and I'm ever so grateful for a Mac store in OU. The girls there have been acquainted to me and the guy has even given me a sample home for free !! Hehe.
  5. Glee + Gossip Girl. Have been ditching Pretty Little Liars because I hate Aria and Ezra hahaha. Glee is ace now ! Gossip Girl too. Dan + Blair such an unexpected couple but they're surprisingly cute together. Of course, I'm still a Chuck + Blair fan(atic).
  6. Nail polish ! I have Topshop's 'Gone Fishing' on now. It's a turqoise colour, one close to Chanel's Jade I think ? Yeah. I still love 'My Private Jet' though. GORJEZ.
  7. Casey Abrams. Fanfreakingtastic. Him FTW !!!!
I miss the boys :(

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Little Bit Of Naughty Is A Little Bit Of Nice

To Najihah and Dina ; Patutnya macam ni lah kita !!!!!!!!!!! Haih.... sad.

My weekend was full of good good things ! On Saturday, I went out with my lovely 6 bestfriends to OU (of course). Met up with Najihah first since she was already there. Walked around aimlessly and Dina called. Met up with her and was chatting and we were seriously just about to go and sit somewhere else while waiting for the others to come when we got stopped by a Chinese man with a photographer and a lady with some papers. Asked us if they could take photos of us for snax. LOL LAWAK PLEASE. Couldn't stop laughing because we were horribly nervous and excited hahahahahaha. Najihah especially. The guy who was nice enough to tolerate our unusual behaviour and laughed with us even showed us our pictures so that we could have another go and not look so horrible. Out of all days, my fringe sucked and I just ate breakfast so I had a really weird tummy. And I was wearing a crop top........


Then we had to write down our names and where we got our parts of our outfit from. We were still quite amused later on.. no actually, even now. Settled for a Robot Sushi lunch. When the rest came, Najihah still got excited and showed the rest about the flyer we got hahahahahaha. Padahal kita sama je excited hahaha. Jakun sebab first time and probably the last if we go on again like this............

Had a good time laughing and recalling memories from our Form 3 days. Our outing was basically spent there. Went out at a little past 4 and went to search for Dreamworld only to find out that it was closed :"( Sad stuff. But Najihah and I managed to find one booth atas kat tempat Daytona. So we went there. And regretted. Hahaha. I laughed so hard because it was the 6 of us trying to fit in that tiny frame. Had to squeeze and stuff. Dahlah so panas. Got a real sweat session from that. And it was so... susah. It's a good thing the normal ones from Dreamworld had a time limit and quite timely. This had no time limit. You can even 'reshoot' -_______-

It didn't print after that. So had to call the guy and he fixed it. Photos printed. And it was.. ok ? The quality was what you would expect an RM8 booth will give you. ALL IN ALL, I had an awesome timeeeeee :') I miss all these outings.

Then today (I still count it as a Sunday as it is only 2 hours past midnight) I went out with my Mum. Went to Gardens to watch a movie. Reached there and booked tickets. Went to Megamall as we had to buy a rice cooker since ours broke (I know right, exciting stuff that you just HAVE to read on and on!!!!!!!). SO many people. Had lunch at Chillis. The guy seemed to recognize us because as we were finishing lunch, he asked my mum 'Akak selalu pergi yang OU punya branch kan? Saya dari yang tu lah, tapi dah pindah sini' in which my mum said OH HA AH.

Ok. Let's move on.


Dance = Brilliant
Songs = The kind you just had to dance along to if you heard it. Needless to say, we got the soundtrack when we passed 'Rock Corner'.
Clothes = Divine
Make-Up = Gorgeous
Christina Aguilera's voice = Stellar.

And Cam Gigandet was the icing on top of the cake.

SRSLY NOW !!!! I don't mind watching it again. Maybe I should go alone so that way I can dance in my seat and no one would mind....

K ciao bella babe

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It Isn't Over

Hello !

I just posted this photo because I love Behati Prinsloo. LUL.

Anyway, nothing interesting or groundbreaking has been happening therefore the lack of blogposts. I wish I could have traveled around for a bit :( I'd love to. My grandmother asked me if I wanted to follow her to Perth in which I had to turn down because I wasn't really up for it seeing how it IS summer there. I've had enough of it here as it is ! Bloody hot but the evenings are nice, cooling and stuff.

Yesterday, I read somewhere that Adele's 'Someone Like You' went up the charts after her performance at the Brit Awards. Listened to it before but it was in the background and I wasn't really paying attention to it. This time, I googled the lyrics to this song and listened while reading it. Couldn't believe the impact it had on me and had me crying 4 lines in ! So absurd and dramatic lah but it's so good ! I've had the good fortune to not have been heartbroken and this song is all about the broken hearted. The one who introduced her at the Brit Awards said

"If you've ever had a broken heart, you're about to remember it now"

TEARS, I TELL YOU, TEARS ! First performance to have moved me to tears. Brilliant ! Adele actually cried after her performance which just made me cried harder. To have known that the lyrics to this song carried a meaning to her and it's real.

There was a comment in there too that said 'Bet Rihanna was embarrassed to perform after Adele who doesn't need to sell sex to get attention and can sing.' Truest thing I've seen all week. Rihanna can't sing for guts and she's hogging the radio waves. Like, seriously, GTFO.

Just On The Night Like The Fourth Of July

Photographed by the brilliant Tommy Ton during the London Fashion Week.

Bungkus satu ni ? Thanks x

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What I remember most about my childhood is probably my love for Mary-Kate and Ashley. Next to Disney and Nickelodeon cartoons.

But otherwise, Mary-Kate and Ashley. I STILL love them. A lot. I remember when I was around 9-10, I'd ask my mum for Mary-Kate and Ashley books for my birthday. I still have them with me because if I were to throw them away, I'd probably won't ever see them again seeing how book stores have none now. BEST BOOK SERIES EVER ! I remember being so ecstatic to go to Kinokuniya at KLCC just 'cause I'd come out of there with 2 books in hand. If I'm lucky, I'd probably get 3 at once ! I have a vast collection of books and CDs and I'd get my hands on anything that is theirs. I also remember getting clothes from their brand when my mum went to Australia and she bought them for me since we get none here.

My favourite book series of theirs were probably the 'My Sweet Sixteen' collection. My favourite movie of theirs were probably 'It Takes Two' as well as a bunch more. Best gila nak mati punya best !!!

I'm 18 now and my admiration and love for the twins still is intact. I got their Influence book which I thought was brilliant ! I still look up to them though they can dress quite awfully. I can set them apart when people can't. I just love them. I do aspire to be like them; having the whole empire thing going on and their ever expanding clothing lines.

So, now. It has been the ultimate dream of mine to have a brand. To build an empire from the ground up like how some people you see on Forbes (lol). I want to do thatttt. But I don't know what I should study now to lead me to that. Maybe business.

Oh well. Fact #4827 is that I love Mary-Kate and Ashley. A lot.


Monday, February 14, 2011


Too good not to be on this blog. I love this Toby Walters guy to have owned up to this girl (read : BITCH).



I'm not a humongous fan like how some people are but I'm not a hater. And I don't understand why people are.

You hate Bieber, yes ? Have you asked yourself why ? What is it about him that is SO horrible to you that you just want to kill the guy ? I watched him on Youtube WAY before he got his superstardom and I liked him. I still do however I'm not a fanatic. I still catch myself humming to his song at times. His voice is good and for you lot who thinks he has a girl voice. Um. I don't see it ? Even so, it comes with age kan ? I bet your brother or even you if you're a boy, had (or probably still has) a high pitched voice. In all honesty, when people say he has a girl voice, I seriously don't see it. I seriously cannot. And besides, since when were you ever a music critic ? I don't see any awards with you let alone any label/position that enables you to be so judgmental of one's voice. You don't like it, then let it be. Why do you have to go out of your way to be so vocal about your hatred towards the guy ? Why do you have to spam comments on Youtube saying he's (insert swear word here) and non talented ? If you don't like the guy so much, just shrug it off and go on with life.

And please, to those who said he hasn't reached puberty, since when are you so concerned on whoever has reached their puberty or not ? Kepochs lah.

That's probably what humors me most about the haters. They have this need to put people down so they can feel so superior. To my knowledge, I don't think Justin Bieber has done anything to anyone that has made them angry. I don't think he has been bullying you, has he ? Has he been taking your lunch money ? Killed your dog ? What is wrong with you, people ?

You think he looks gay ? Since when has a look become 'gay' ? He's quite a handsome boy for his age. None to my taste but nevertheless, he's quite cute. I'd never pen someone as gay because 'gay' doesn't describe a persons look, does it ? Does it mean ugly ? No, it doesn't. Quite rather, it's the opposite. Does it mean good looking ? If you have a legit description of how 'gay' looks, PLEASE don't hesitate to tell me more. Enlighten me ! :)

Again, I am no Believer but I have nothing against the guy. I don't understand why people are hating him SO much. He is just a teenage boy who's trying to do what he has always wanted to do. He's chasing his OWN dream. You won't like it if you were doing something you LOVE to do and have people doing their ultimate best to bash you up, I assume ? I mean, who wants that ? Unfortunately for Justin, he is where he is now and can't help it to just swallow up people's hurtful comments not just in America but all over the world. I'm actually glad he has kajillion fans.

To haters all over the world, do me a favour (because it really is pissing me off) and try, I know it's hard since it's all you ever do anyway, to channel all that hatred to something more useful please ?

Truth to the matter is, whatever you say or do, Bieber is kinda on top of the world (or America) and you can't do anything about it. Being an ultimate hater makes you just as bad as those who you can't stand - the Beliebers themselves.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Young x

I tend to blog in the middle of the night. For example, 2:55 in the morning.

Hi. Bored of me yet ?

Spent my day watching Glee's episode on Valentine which was quite sweet. Artie's take on PYT was so go000OOO00d. Loved it ! As well as Blaine's 'When I Get You Alone'. DAMN SON.

Then naturally, I went out with Mum for tea/early dinner. Settled for Devi's. Ate roti telur and my maggi goreng YUM. Then went to fetch Tania from tuition. EXCITING STUFF AIN'T THIS ?!?!

And I watched what seems to be one of my favourite movies now; Never Let Me Go starring ANDREW GARFIELD (cue Nadia shrieks), Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley. Can I just say how much I love this movie ? Granted, it can be a bit slow at parts but I thought the story line was so crazy good. I'm so looking forward to get the novel now. I didn't expect it to be so heartbreaking but it was and I was just there, bawling !
For those who have watched it, you should and would understand what I'm about to ramble on but if you haven't (and you should if you're like one for the dramas instead of the romantic comedy), I suggest you to just ignore this part here. So anyway, I just thought the whole movie to be really just, sad. I mean, how horrible is it to have created for the good of other people and not for yourself. Particularly heartbreaking when Tommy and Kathy went for a deferral and got denied. I was just so sad to see how Tommy was very excited at the idea that he could spend more time with the girl he was more in love with but got rejected instead. UGH EMOSI. And it was so despairing to see the scene where he just got out of the car and screamed and letting go and seeing Kathy come out of the car and just hugged him in where ultimately, Tommy succumbed to his emotions and broke down in Kathy's arm. YOU BET YOUR 50 BUCKS I CRIED LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW. Bloody emotional siot.

Ok moving on. Super serious I can't wait to get my hands on the novel. Definitely made it onto my favourite movies list.

I don't mind starting college. I'm simply that bored. I mean, it could be kinda fun to be in a new environment and making new friends. If anything, making new friends would be kinda awesome as of now. If I had all the money in the world, I would ask to be in a college/university overseas like.. right now. LOL. For the time being, I just kinda want to go travel. I'm spending my first weeks as an 18 year old girl, cooped up in my room and Youtubing every freaking thing there is to Youtube. Let's hope for some progress come March. And no, I refuse to believe any sort of news regarding the SPM results.


p/s : Andrew has a girlfriend btw. Um. And he's bestfriend is Robert Pattinson who, if you might recall, I had this humongous bigger than life crush on. AHHHHHHHHHHH

p/p/s : Hi Jan :) rindu please !

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Just came back from Nirwana Maju, Bangsar. LOVE that place. I'm eating way too much rice. This afternoon, I ate like, 3 plates of rice. And then rice again at night. I LOVE ME SOME RICE !

For fun, I'm going to list things I'm obsessed with at the moment

1. Andrew Garfield Andrew Garfield Andrew Garfield Andrew Garfield

2. Glee's rendition of Bills, Bills, Bills and When I Get You Alone. Both sung by Darren Criss a.k.a. Blaine a.k.a. Kurt's CUTE gay friend from Dalton Academy

3. Topshop make-up. Yep. Biased kut sebab it's cheaper than any other make-up line (ahem Mac, BOBBI BROWN). In order for me to buy it, I have been making frequent trips to KLCC with the help of Hafiz hahaha. I have so far, 3 lipsticks, a blusher, a skin tint, 4 eye crayons, 6 nail polishes, face wipes, 3 eye kohls and an eyeshadow. The girls working there are lovely !! One of them is my age and is going to Australia to study architecture. LOL borak summore ~

4. Twitter. Well, d'uh. It doesn't help when I have it on my Blackberry.

5. Nail polishes. I have dark blue now on my nails courtesy of Topshop's 'Voltage'. Ordered O.P.I's My Private Jet and Tickle My France-y. Hopefully my mum's friend overseas can help me out in bringing the American Apparel polishes. I. LOVE. THEM.

6. Youtube. Seriously, that's the first thing I do now. Even before Facebook......

7. My Kiehl's moisturizer. Paid big bucks on that and so worth it.

8. The colour lilac. SRSLY.

9. Andrew Garfield Andrew Garfield Andrew Garfield !! So much so that I actually dreamt of him. I was showering and he was outside (I don't know why nor do I care) and he handed me a towel when I was done showering. HNNNGGGGGUMFFFFFF I LOVE HIM

Ok end of blog post. I will now grant you people a picture of Andrew.

He IS Californian based but he moved to England when he was 4 so he has that English accent I'm so in love with. Doesn't technically make him British but let's just pretend he is.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Partying Up In Paris x

Well, hello non-existent readers. Bored out of my mind.

Hafiz took me out yesterday to KLCC and Pavilion. Watched The Green Hornet. Was ok though he reckoned it was good but meh. Twas just alright. Bought some stuffs. As usual, headed on to the make-up section at Topshop. Bought another crayon (call me obsessed but I freaking love them !), another kohl, a lipstick (this time in Beguiled), and nail polish in Galactic. I can't seem to stop buying them. Serious major uber mad love. Not only are they affordable (do I sound like a commercial yet ?), but they're actually quite good. Bought their face wipes a.k.a. make-up remover though quite reluctant as I just love my Biore ones but they were surprisingly pleasant to use. They smell amazing and they get rid of my make-up quite good.

I was trying out some things and this one sale assistant, whom on my previous trip to Topshop my lovely mother told her she looked like a singer, remembered me and was all friendly and asked if I was Chinese. Um.. no ? I actually think it's quite flattering but honestly, I have no resemblance to a Chinese at all. She told me it was 'cause I had Chinese looking eyes. LOL. Ah well, she was nice.

Went into Miu Miu. I still LOVE that patented leather wallet in black with pink lining. It is divine. The bow in front makes it all the better. Thought the heavy price tag crushed my dreams of owning one. But God, it's lovely !! Moving on....

Went to Pavilion after that. And as per usual, made my rounds in Topshop. Same clothes (also the fact that I was not going to eat anything for dinner if I were to spend my last dime on some top I probably don't need) and then we went to check show times at GSC. Got tickets for Green Hornet and honestly, what a rip-off it is that they only have it in 3D. I really don't like 3D. In fact, I had my 3D glasses off. Made watching so much pleasurable. Gah, everything is in 3D now. What happened to good ol' 2D movies. There's even a 3D blusher at Benefit. I asked the sales assistant what that actually meant and she was explaining some thing which seriously ran off topic, probably trying to cover the fact that she too didn't understand. I mean, aren't we already 3D ? Whatever. Benefit's overpriced anyway.

Oh then we went to eat at La Bodega. FAVOURITE. PLACE. EVER. Seriously now. I can't even.

Went home shortly after the movie. Weather was nice and cool due to the rain that went on the whole day !

Onto a whole different topic, thinking of dying my hair. The only thing that's stopping me is that I'm worried my hair will just get even drier and more coarse. Thinking of giving it a go though. Hm.. quite torn.

Quite missing my friends. Some of whom are working, in college, in Seremban, and constantly busy with I don't know what. I actually miss school minus the having to wake up at an ungodly hour. But I do miss it. Maybe. Missing Sarah, Najihah, Suraya, Ila, Dina, Aimi, Yus, Yahi, Li May (for some reason!), Debra, Jia Wen (!), Ayesha, Kaveetha, Rachael, Brenda, Belinda, Ashley, Grace, Kristin, Amanda, Hakim Shah, Aidit, Marc, Jo, Sanju, Shahrain, Haikal, Hafeez, Haris, Hanif, Aina, Shira, Kyrina, Fatimah and bunch loads of friends. Met them last on my birthday do ('cept for a few). Sorry if I missed out on some. It is 4 in the morning now..

I seriously just want to go travel somewhere and have a mini road trip with my friends. Seriously, people !!!!!!! What happened to that plan :( Was looking forward to it..

This is turning out to be quite a long and dreary post. And since everyone is hooked on Tumblr nowadays, hardly anyone gives a damn on blogs that actually have people BLOGGING.

Ok now. My eyes finally are giving in so shall head over and sleep.

Good night and God bless anyone reading this ! x