Monday, February 14, 2011


I'm not a humongous fan like how some people are but I'm not a hater. And I don't understand why people are.

You hate Bieber, yes ? Have you asked yourself why ? What is it about him that is SO horrible to you that you just want to kill the guy ? I watched him on Youtube WAY before he got his superstardom and I liked him. I still do however I'm not a fanatic. I still catch myself humming to his song at times. His voice is good and for you lot who thinks he has a girl voice. Um. I don't see it ? Even so, it comes with age kan ? I bet your brother or even you if you're a boy, had (or probably still has) a high pitched voice. In all honesty, when people say he has a girl voice, I seriously don't see it. I seriously cannot. And besides, since when were you ever a music critic ? I don't see any awards with you let alone any label/position that enables you to be so judgmental of one's voice. You don't like it, then let it be. Why do you have to go out of your way to be so vocal about your hatred towards the guy ? Why do you have to spam comments on Youtube saying he's (insert swear word here) and non talented ? If you don't like the guy so much, just shrug it off and go on with life.

And please, to those who said he hasn't reached puberty, since when are you so concerned on whoever has reached their puberty or not ? Kepochs lah.

That's probably what humors me most about the haters. They have this need to put people down so they can feel so superior. To my knowledge, I don't think Justin Bieber has done anything to anyone that has made them angry. I don't think he has been bullying you, has he ? Has he been taking your lunch money ? Killed your dog ? What is wrong with you, people ?

You think he looks gay ? Since when has a look become 'gay' ? He's quite a handsome boy for his age. None to my taste but nevertheless, he's quite cute. I'd never pen someone as gay because 'gay' doesn't describe a persons look, does it ? Does it mean ugly ? No, it doesn't. Quite rather, it's the opposite. Does it mean good looking ? If you have a legit description of how 'gay' looks, PLEASE don't hesitate to tell me more. Enlighten me ! :)

Again, I am no Believer but I have nothing against the guy. I don't understand why people are hating him SO much. He is just a teenage boy who's trying to do what he has always wanted to do. He's chasing his OWN dream. You won't like it if you were doing something you LOVE to do and have people doing their ultimate best to bash you up, I assume ? I mean, who wants that ? Unfortunately for Justin, he is where he is now and can't help it to just swallow up people's hurtful comments not just in America but all over the world. I'm actually glad he has kajillion fans.

To haters all over the world, do me a favour (because it really is pissing me off) and try, I know it's hard since it's all you ever do anyway, to channel all that hatred to something more useful please ?

Truth to the matter is, whatever you say or do, Bieber is kinda on top of the world (or America) and you can't do anything about it. Being an ultimate hater makes you just as bad as those who you can't stand - the Beliebers themselves.

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