Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Little Bit Of Naughty Is A Little Bit Of Nice

To Najihah and Dina ; Patutnya macam ni lah kita !!!!!!!!!!! Haih.... sad.

My weekend was full of good good things ! On Saturday, I went out with my lovely 6 bestfriends to OU (of course). Met up with Najihah first since she was already there. Walked around aimlessly and Dina called. Met up with her and was chatting and we were seriously just about to go and sit somewhere else while waiting for the others to come when we got stopped by a Chinese man with a photographer and a lady with some papers. Asked us if they could take photos of us for snax. LOL LAWAK PLEASE. Couldn't stop laughing because we were horribly nervous and excited hahahahahaha. Najihah especially. The guy who was nice enough to tolerate our unusual behaviour and laughed with us even showed us our pictures so that we could have another go and not look so horrible. Out of all days, my fringe sucked and I just ate breakfast so I had a really weird tummy. And I was wearing a crop top........


Then we had to write down our names and where we got our parts of our outfit from. We were still quite amused later on.. no actually, even now. Settled for a Robot Sushi lunch. When the rest came, Najihah still got excited and showed the rest about the flyer we got hahahahahaha. Padahal kita sama je excited hahaha. Jakun sebab first time and probably the last if we go on again like this............

Had a good time laughing and recalling memories from our Form 3 days. Our outing was basically spent there. Went out at a little past 4 and went to search for Dreamworld only to find out that it was closed :"( Sad stuff. But Najihah and I managed to find one booth atas kat tempat Daytona. So we went there. And regretted. Hahaha. I laughed so hard because it was the 6 of us trying to fit in that tiny frame. Had to squeeze and stuff. Dahlah so panas. Got a real sweat session from that. And it was so... susah. It's a good thing the normal ones from Dreamworld had a time limit and quite timely. This had no time limit. You can even 'reshoot' -_______-

It didn't print after that. So had to call the guy and he fixed it. Photos printed. And it was.. ok ? The quality was what you would expect an RM8 booth will give you. ALL IN ALL, I had an awesome timeeeeee :') I miss all these outings.

Then today (I still count it as a Sunday as it is only 2 hours past midnight) I went out with my Mum. Went to Gardens to watch a movie. Reached there and booked tickets. Went to Megamall as we had to buy a rice cooker since ours broke (I know right, exciting stuff that you just HAVE to read on and on!!!!!!!). SO many people. Had lunch at Chillis. The guy seemed to recognize us because as we were finishing lunch, he asked my mum 'Akak selalu pergi yang OU punya branch kan? Saya dari yang tu lah, tapi dah pindah sini' in which my mum said OH HA AH.

Ok. Let's move on.


Dance = Brilliant
Songs = The kind you just had to dance along to if you heard it. Needless to say, we got the soundtrack when we passed 'Rock Corner'.
Clothes = Divine
Make-Up = Gorgeous
Christina Aguilera's voice = Stellar.

And Cam Gigandet was the icing on top of the cake.

SRSLY NOW !!!! I don't mind watching it again. Maybe I should go alone so that way I can dance in my seat and no one would mind....

K ciao bella babe

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