Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What I remember most about my childhood is probably my love for Mary-Kate and Ashley. Next to Disney and Nickelodeon cartoons.

But otherwise, Mary-Kate and Ashley. I STILL love them. A lot. I remember when I was around 9-10, I'd ask my mum for Mary-Kate and Ashley books for my birthday. I still have them with me because if I were to throw them away, I'd probably won't ever see them again seeing how book stores have none now. BEST BOOK SERIES EVER ! I remember being so ecstatic to go to Kinokuniya at KLCC just 'cause I'd come out of there with 2 books in hand. If I'm lucky, I'd probably get 3 at once ! I have a vast collection of books and CDs and I'd get my hands on anything that is theirs. I also remember getting clothes from their brand when my mum went to Australia and she bought them for me since we get none here.

My favourite book series of theirs were probably the 'My Sweet Sixteen' collection. My favourite movie of theirs were probably 'It Takes Two' as well as a bunch more. Best gila nak mati punya best !!!

I'm 18 now and my admiration and love for the twins still is intact. I got their Influence book which I thought was brilliant ! I still look up to them though they can dress quite awfully. I can set them apart when people can't. I just love them. I do aspire to be like them; having the whole empire thing going on and their ever expanding clothing lines.

So, now. It has been the ultimate dream of mine to have a brand. To build an empire from the ground up like how some people you see on Forbes (lol). I want to do thatttt. But I don't know what I should study now to lead me to that. Maybe business.

Oh well. Fact #4827 is that I love Mary-Kate and Ashley. A lot.


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