Saturday, April 25, 2015


Been a bit busy and still am actually.

Was on a spring break and went to Budapest, Prague and Vienna and then stayed in London with some of my family til last weekend so I've only just been back to Bristol less than a week now.

And it's exam time so I've been a bit hectic with studies and this darn coursework I have yet to hand in.

Was skyping with my parents the other day and as usual I was munching on some chocolate and my mum went,

"Ha makan lagi chocolates! Your cheeks dah macam pau dah tu!"

That was probably the first time I've ever heard my mum comment on me putting on weight. Ever. In my life! I've always been relatively quite skinny all my life and she even tried all sorts of things to have me gain some weight as a child (she then realised that I do eat alot and it's just my body and its fantastic metabolism that's doing all the magic) so she gave up and let me be.

But man. I think it's the chocolates and the constant snacking. I can be so full from dinner and yet my itchy hands would still grab something or find something to munch on. I can't blame the weather anymore because it's getting beautiful and sunny by the day. UGH. I swear it's all the food my grandmother fed me whilst I was in London for the holidays. I don't eat 3x a day here in Bristol because um laziness. All the fat just goes to my cheeks. I'm not particularly insecure about it because I'm still quite small and petite (at least I think so... maybe it's denial but whatevs) but yeah. First time ever!!!! My parents are coming in a months time and I'm so determined to lose my cheek fat before they come and make fun of me.

Anyhow! Will blog as soon as I can because I miss it!!!!!!!! I miss writing and miss being free to be honest hahaha

Talk soon!


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