Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Quick chats #1

Hi! Time for quick chats*

*my solution to quick and easy blogging. I always stress myself out from writing a post of just one topic. Then I thought I'd just cram in a lot of the things in one post. So... basically, what I've been doing all this while lah. 

_ _ _ _

 1    G l o s s i e r   s u n s c r e e n

_ _ _ _

Help me, God. I love this brand. I haven't actually gotten anything from them because they only exclusively ship to the US & Puerto Rico and I'm a lazy shopper and can't be bothered to do all the registering-a-US-mail-address-and-have-it-sent-over jazz. It's just a lot of work for a lip balm. Albeit a pretty great one.

But when you love a brand without physically purchasing a product, isn't that just great advocacy right there? I'm essentially vouching for a brand I've never ever tried. It defies the laws of the traditional customer experience journey which goes something like 'you buy first, you decide whether you like or dislike it, and then shape a fair and sound judgment around it'. But this is when a brand with a great marketing strategy can challenge that theory. I'm so attracted to the overall aesthetic of the brand, their stories, their photos, their packaging, their creative direction, everything! And without even trying anything from them. It's actually so inspiring to see. I'm not a brand (... yet) but man, I'd be smart to take notes from Glossier. It's difficult to lift from the entrepreneurial grounds when you're selling skincare - a commodity that doesn't show results 'til waaaaay past purchase date. They do make-up too but their brand motto is skin first so they're really emphasising on that.

I've named this part 'Glossier sunscreen' because they're about to blow the water (see? customer advocacy EXHIBIT A!!!) with a highly anticipated sunscreen. No one actively goes out to buy sunscreen as much as they do for their other skincare or make-up products so for me to be looking forward to this release is pretty phenomenal marketing on Glossier's end. 

_ _ _ _

 2   K n o w i n g  B r o t h e r s

_ _ _ _

Korean variety show fans, let me just say, 'Knowing Brothers' is all that I've been watching. Haven't gotten around to Running Man (and it's new members), 2 Days 1 Night, not even Infinity Challenge. But when I see a new episode of KB, you best bet that's what I'm definitely, definitely going to do for the next hour. Don't even fight me on it! 

It's hilarious! Brings me back to my good ol' Running Man days where I'd spend hours just glued to my laptop screen. Bad for the skin and eyes but oh so good for my heart and soul. I'm only just gearing up to watching every episode but I've been catching with the later ones first. They couldn't have gotten a better panel of members on the show because they work so well together. The chemistry is like no other!! And it's so refreshing because of the interview concept of the show.

So basically : It's a classroom concept. There's 7 of them, all different but all with great sense of humour. So they have guests every week and they come in as an 'exchange student' and they have to come to the front of the class and introduce themselves and then go on to play a game of 'Guess!' where they set a question of a fact about themselves but leave the members to guess what it is. Sounds really plain and simple but it's SO funny ok I know I've been saying 'funny' like a million times already but it really is. 

Maybe I've just grown so accustomed to the Korean sense of humour that it is only just funny to me? Idk but thought I'd list it here in my random chats.

- - - -

3   S p o n s o r s h i p s

- - - -

I hardly, hardly follow any social influencers on my Instagram. I would see them on my Explore page but I don't actually follow them. To keep it pretty short and sweet, I like to follow people for people and not for brands. I'd be more favourable towards opinions on brands when people aren't paid to do a post on them. There was an article some time ago where local celebrities had to pull an endorsement they did on something health-related after finding out that it was a phoney. Attach your name to something you truly, honestly believe in. Build your identity and your image and stay true to it. Don't let money falter that. 

- - - -

4   L e m o n  W a t e r

- - - -

So I've been getting into the habit of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning. Like, really. FIRST FIRST FIRST thing in the morning. Even if I'm late, I still down a whole tall glass of lemon water. I drink it warm and here's what I think about it.

In terms of skin, I don't see the great effect just yet but I trust it will because I mean, it could be me succumbing to the placebo effect but I'd like to think the stubborn pimple scar on my left cheek has reduced in darkness oh so slightly. Hope this isn't me jinxing it!!

And in terms of weight loss... guys I just found your new cardio equivalent (ok sorry I take it back for all exercise enthusiasts). I've lost like 3kg (!!!) from this. I started about a week and a half ago...? And I've lost 3 kilos! I'm also trying to limit rice intake to one meal in 2 days. So if I have nasi lemak for morning today, I can't have rice for any other meals til the day after tomorrow. That could be contributing to my weight loss but I've had cheat days for that and I've been pretty loyal with my lemon water so I'd like to think it's more of that than me not eating much rice because I eat pretty much the same amount of carbs and calories anyway as substitute. 

3 kilos, guys!!! 

- - - -

5   P u b l i c  h o l i d a y  b l i s s

- - - -

I was telling my mum the other day that a 3 day weekend is perfect. You get 3 late nights and by the time you hit the third day, you're fully energised (and even sometimes a bit bored) so you're ready to go and be productive at work. We're too far in the times to introduce and implement a 3 day weekend but I'm just really happy and glad that we're made up of so many races and cultures that we have the bliss of having so many public holidays in a year. 

People say "It's encouraging laziness and unproductiveness". Have you seen the way some of my friends work? Super late nights and super early morning and working all weekend on top of all that. I don't know who y'all hang out with but the kids I'm with are hardworking and productive people so a public holiday every so often won't hurt. Especially because it's used up more to rest and visit family (balik kampung for long weekends) and spending time with your loved ones. It's fine, I advocate it. Stress less, love more kinda thing.

- - - -

6   B e i n g   f i n a n c i a l l y  r e s p o n s i b l e

- - - -

I'm living with my parents (like every other unmarried Asian kid) and the car I drive to work is not mine, I don't pay when we go out for meals, nor do I pay for bills for the electricity, water and WiFi. 
I lucked out on two things ; being an Asian and being my parents daughter. 

Now that I've started working and getting my own pay, something I've never had before, I try to be a bit more financially responsible. I've been planning on going on holiday trips and concerts and all I'm really thinking is, "Ok shit I need to save this much and this much so that I can get to spend that much and that much". Before this it was all my mum and her generosity.

Even with personal shopping. I have a list of things I'd like to buy such as the electric blue tunic from Zara and the galactic-themed earrings from Lovisa and IOPE's essence (that costs RM250 btw wtf is skincare even) but I'm restrained so much financially. I probably can still buy it but I think more than just twice now. I think about 200 times before paying. 

I'll admit - it feels a bit liberating to be so restrained from shopping. As ironic and strange as that sounds. Before this it was more of a "How do I justify this to Mama?" and now it's "RM200 for a blouse???? Forget it!!!!! You can feed mouths with RM200!!!!!!".

I'm telling you, guys. I'm an adult now. A responsible, RM200-richer, adult who's saving for the greater good*.

*holidaying and going for K-Pop concerts, holllaaaaa



  1. I'm with you on Glossier!! Their marketing team deserves an award man. I want everything they come out with!!

  2. Right? I want everything too!! It's not as expensive as you'd think from looking at how they present themselves. Sighhh if I could have a crush on a brand, it'd be this one.