Friday, December 25, 2009


Anyway, Hi. I'm on a downloading frenzy, downloading every Glee song there is. It's the shitz. Best ever. ♥ I highly recommend. But then again, I recommend every show I watch anyway. Heh.
Went out with Diyana, Rachael, Brenda and Belinda, Ashley, Hakim and Wenn Hong for a bubble blowing session at the park for no other apparent reason but to relive a piece of childhood before stepping into senior year. Gila fun lah k. Then we walked to Devi's for late breakfast/early lunch/BRUNCH. Went back after that and took a nap because was too sleepy for anything. And besides, my laptop broke down. Went to Ikano for repair but after walking all the way from Tesco, the shop was closed. And not due to Christmas leave or anything like that, but as in closed-we-kinda-moved-to-Bangsar closed. Stopped at Kayu's and ordered the big ass roti tisu. And .. my laptop got well on its own. Saved me a trip to Bangsar, k thanks Mac.

Merry Christmas, hohoho. Night, Santarinas xx

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