Monday, June 22, 2009

Turning 16

I'm sorry you can't be here to celebrate your sixteenth but I swear to God, we'll take you out for lunch and treat you like the queen you are (and dream to be!) okay okay okay ? 
I know you'll be reading this post only when you get back from asrama but heck, atleast it's something. 
I've only known you last year, yang macam betul betul kenal la. And whoever has had the pleasure of meeting you remembers you particularly because of your charm and wit. You just have this knack for making the people around you feel so warm and welcomed. I know I say this regarding alot of people, but you are one of THE nicest friend I have and I thank you for being there, like seriously. There's so few of girls like you around anymore and you know it's true.
We'll TRY to send you something but takut tak pass. But oh wells, we'll try ! 

Love you til lama lama sampai akhirat 
Nadia xoxo

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