Saturday, May 22, 2010


I've been spending my last 3 days watching Adamaya on TV3. Hahahahahaha. Such a big thing so I figured what harm can it do if I watch it ?

Ok, I'm at episode 21 which is almost the end anyway.
Can I start ranting now ?

First and foremost, benci gila Dani tu macam sial gila omgggg tak tahan tengok muka dia k please !!!!!! He is so bloody annoying with his excessive use of 'B' 's. Like seriously, it's sweet and okay if you say it sparingly. BUT NI TAK WEI, sumpah in a 10 word sentence, the guy would say 'B' 10x10. Macam, COME ON, GIVE IT A BREAK, THE GIRL HAS A FREAKING NAME.
And can Maya be any more blind ? Adam depan mata macam every girl's dream in a husband and she actually wants that sad excuse of a guy (Dani). Dahlah creepy gila. Ada ke nak spy on his girl like 24/7. If I were Maya, I'd call the police saying I have a stalker. An ugly one, at that.

NASIB AMANI TU COMEL GILA K. :'))))))) And Adam is such a good dad. Dude, seriously, if I had a man who would love his kids like that, I'd be on top of the world lah. Bukan macam Maya bodoh gila ee annoying.
Pastu ada ke, Maya nak blame him on everything ?!?!?!?! Sumpah Dani can go die !!!!!!!!

And it's a bit illogic that even after 5 years, they still seem to be following each other around and coincidentally have the same hang out spots since university life ? And have the same phone 5 years later ?! And have the same hairstyle since 5 years ago (I'm talking about that Lisa and her straightened bangs). K no, seriously, I'm watching episode 21 as I'm typing this and every time Dani comes on, I hate him even more. DAHLAH DIA BAPAK KURANG AJAR DENGAN PEREMPUAN. GELI SIAL.

Hahahahahaha tak habis rant ni but I want to continue watching this without pausing.

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