Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I went out with her today, to OneUtama.
Hell funn.

She's SO great.
I mean, we haven't met since std 4.
She moved std 4 so when std 5 came along, she was no longer there.
She's amaziiiiiiing.
She loos amazing too.
She's heaps of fun to shop with.

First Rach sms-ed me and told tht she was at OU with JOEYYYYYYYY!
Damn, i haven't met him since last yr.
I mean, we've met via my car. Waved je.
HAHAHA, lame, yeah i gt it.

SO then, i went to GSC fr a bit to say hi and all.
THEN, went to MPH to meet up with Emina.
And skipped lunch cause wasn't feeling hungry like, at all.
Saw this amazingly pretty vest from Forever21.
I swear, i'm bringing Mama with me nxt time we go there.
For cash purposes.

AAAAND to Topshop we went.
Loads of nice things dah.
:D :D :D

Then ZARA.
Saw this really cooooooool bag.
Very prettyy.
I loved it.
And tht blck top frm the kids section (yes, i still do buy things there).
And there was in MY size, which is 11-12.
OMG, damn la budget.

So yeah, went to Starbucks fr a drink.
Sembang sembang sembang.
And went again to all the shops to buy stuffs.
Just now, just meronda ronda and 'check it out'.
HAHAHAHA :D i crack myself up.

Emina bought loads of things.
next time i hv to bring a lot lot lot of cash.
So tht can shop like herrrr :D



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