Monday, June 11, 2007

grey's anatomy,

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg,
i abso-friggin-lutely love this show.
i doooooo, zomg.
seriously, it's like the best ever tv show made in history.
well, besides prison break but still.
greyy's anatomyyyyy.
my love.
wait, scrtch tht.
my obsession.
next to shopping.
but see, shopping needs cash.
wherelse, grey's you dnt hv to.
just get your arse on the sofa and pop it in the dvd player and voila !
you'll be hooked, i promise.
because i did.
i've already watched the WHOLE of season 3.
and people, i lived to tell abt it.
the greatest loss fr those who doesnt watch.
the biggest loss in their whole friggin lives.

i shouldnt tell you.
i really shouldnt cause you'll hate me fr tht.
and besides, i dnt wanna ruin it fr you.
you have to watch it.
you have to watch it.
see, i'm repeating.
why ?
because i want you to just sit down.
grab some Starbucks or wtvr.
and watch.
i couldnt get off the sofa cause well, first and foremost, i didnt want to cause it's live every 2 minutes, something really unexpected comes on and you dnt want to miss tht cause like, tht's also a big huge humongous loss.
AND, secondly, er..
secondlyyyyyyy, because hell, if you're hooked with grey's anatomy, you're HOOKED.
i cnt stop gushing.

i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove (you'll prolly hate me fr this) Gizzie.
i love them.
i didnt thiink tht would make a good cpl but lately like, they're the couple i love the most.
i love them, i love them, i love them.
see i'm gushing.
yet again.
i think i'll stop, or else i'll tell more secrets and spoilers abt Grey's Anatomy.
*covers mouth*

wht should i talk abt.
oh yeah, schl strtd today much to my disappointment.
but the day went pretty fast la.
before we knew it, it's 1.10 dh.
oh and puan tan is bck.
my music teacher.
i think i'm the only one who's like dead scared of her.
ugh, i'll fail my friggin' music FOR SURE.
no doubts.
i'm SURE.

ok, i'm off.
my parents are bck.
AND i'm abt to tell my mum all abt grey's.
whether she likes it or NOT.


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  1. My Wife and I love greys anatomy. It is a great show. I like a lot of the music on the show too. Good post.