Monday, June 18, 2007


HELLO citizens.
How are we todaaaaay ?

Today, we don't have any schl.
But i'm nt going tomorrow as well.
HA, awesome much.

Mama is awayy.
And I miss her ):
It's only for a day but yeah.
So tak independant.
Anyway, let me strt.

I woke up at abt 9.44.
Went downstairs to see no one except fr the maid.
So yeah, watched some E! (a perfect way to kick start your day)
and sms-ed mama fr breakfast.
Sausage McMuffin, hel-lo.
SO drove thru and munched happily.
Went and follow ma to do some errands.
Well SHE did all the errands.
I just stayed in the car, listening to the radio while eating.
HAHA, slob.

SO anyways, watched Oprah, bla bla bla.
Seriously, nothing much.
I seriously need a friggin' mannequin to strt doing some designs laaaaa.
and a sewing machine.
and i'm off.
i already got some fabric.
Really pretty too .
Butterfly motives with bright colours.
it'll make an awesome sundress.

Oh, and fr fashion enthusiastics like moi, you should totally check out Oscar De La Renta.
Really awesome designer.

oh dang.
cnt seem to put in photos.
geez, whatever BLOGSPOT.


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