Wednesday, July 4, 2007

big girls dnt cry,

HAHA, dnt knw why.
jst felt the urge to blog.
well so technically (heading related) i'm nt tht big.
i mean, i'm only 14.
so tht means i'm considered juniors in everything.
and i'm nt tht tall neither am i fat.
so yeah, should be, 'small girls cry a lot'
HAHA, damn, i talk crap lots.

OOOOOH, jst nw riiiight, mama told me tht Anya Hindmarch boutique called me abt the 'I'm Not A Plastic Bag' bag.
and and and and it has arrived weii !
OMG, i loooooooove it.
thnk god, mama has already reserved 2.
one fr me and one fr my sister.
so all we hv to do is go and collect it from KLCC.
excited much.

AND it's a beauty wei.
Audrey and Aishah asked me abt it already.
i'm sure they'll get fr themselves too (:

cnt wait.


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