Sunday, July 15, 2007


i am so bored these past few days.
nt gng anywhere wei.
AND test is cmg up.
shit, tak study pun.
only a lil bit of maths.
OMG, i need to buckle up fr sejarah.

prefects dinner was lst night.
MAMA was supposed to go but totally frgt.
i SO wnted to go wei.
but surprise, surprise.
i'm nt a friggin prefect.
if only they wouldnt force the malay pengawas girls to wear tudung.
bloody hell. );

anywayyyy, whoever is a prefect, (cough*karen*cough) pleaseee oh pretty please post picturesss.
i wanna see.
it's prolly the slosest thing i'll ever get to seeing how it was.

anyway, i'm off to bathe and then watch Gol&Gincu .
tmrw's schl.
hell yeah :D

nowadays, schl has more excitement (whtever excitement tht is) then at home.
i hardly go out these days.
soo, anyone up fr another round of TRANSFORMERS ?

harrypotter, bluegh.


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