Thursday, July 19, 2007


a big humongous HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY ! to you.

thnks fr being such an amazing friend and i really appreciate everything you've done fr me and even though i've known you fr like, 7 months, i really do love you (:

THANKS dear.

So yeah, today.
nothing much happened.
tugas at the co op.

surprised Karen, Diyana and Kaveetha by the end of schl time.
Karen's birthday is today, Diyana, this Saturday and Kav's was on Tuesday.
So love and wishes to you all (:

didn't go out too well cause kecoh gl.
but i think Karen knew the hype which always happen to everyone.
but never mind, we love her so we gt her one.
Put Kaveetha's name on it as well and she didn't knw.
Me and Nikki were behind it all.
As for Diyana, well, she actually frgt her birthday.

But all well, love them all and wish them a fantastic life fr the years ahead. (tht sounded so corny, but WTH)


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