Thursday, September 20, 2007


did i tell you tht i'm in love with australian people ?

we had australian visitors jst now.
at schl.

we helped pn nik azizon and cikgu sze fr kh.
funny things happened.
we helped stapled the kh form 3 paper.
:D :D :D :D :D

but we ciao the second the australians came.
ok, not ciao la.
i mean, like, went off to usha.
same thing.
only better.

So yeah, the guys are like droolworthy.
i had so much fun looking at them.
tak ckp puuuun.
i tell you, the prefects had the best job.
their job was to actually talk and give em a guided tour.
which was awesome considering the people you hv to talk is incredible gorgeous.
these are one of the times where i'd die to be a prefect.
minus the tudung part.
but if i knew THESE australians were coming, i'd put on tht tudung anytime of the day.

the guys were gorgeous.
especially the one with the top with a black back.
as in the top, the bck was designed to be blck.
he played sepak takraw.
AND the guy with the necklace (he was wearing a uniform and y'knw wht they say abt boys inn uniform) and the infamous Nike Bag tht he was carrying.

HAHAHAH :D Even Pauline was jumping up and down later on.
Yes people, THAT hot.

Geez, i'm thinking of moving there.
Nt such a bad idea, is it ?


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