Thursday, October 18, 2007


ohmygosh, it seems like forever tht i haven't been blogging.
Let's get it started.

I went bck to Penang on Sunday which is the 7th.
And Raya was a blast :D
Raya was on er.. wait, 13th so y'knw all the dressing up, raya wishes via text messaging, food (yum), and best of alllllll,
This year wasn't as much as 2 years bck.
I think this year abt 700 plus.
But tht's pretty good la.
I can already think of all the things i wnt to buy but there's a possibility of either Australia or Bandung, Indonesia so if we are really gng to either places, i'll be saving my duit raya.
But if no vacation which is quite impossible cause we'll be gng SOMEWHERE.
Unknown tht is.


So on the first day of Raya, we went to Taiping, my dad's hometown.
Personally, i don't quite like gng bck to there because i just don't hv anyone to borak with.
Like my cousins, they're all so much older then me.
The only one who is the same age as i am is a boy -.-'
And very smart too but whtever to tht.

So yeah, 2nd day, my cousins from my mum's side came to Penang and them, i'm great with.
We've made our own fashion line yo.
After days of choosing a name.
But we came out with a lot now.

SO yeah.
Wht shall i talk abt NOW ?
Oh yeah, i'm bck.
Left at abt 7.30 in the morning after breakfast.
Slept 3/4 of the journey.
And now, i hv to freakin' study.
I hate studying.
I mean, i HAVE studied in Penang and bfr tht.
But like, i'm terrified since it IS the finals and it'll kinda determine my class fr nxt year.

Oh and my condolences to Rachael and family fr their loss.
Rach, be strong yeah.
You're a great girl and your dad is definitely proud of you.

Alright, now i'm gng to eat my lunch.
See you.


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