Saturday, October 6, 2007


WITH EMINA and KYRINA, darlings

FUN day but frustrating by end.
I didn't buy anything.
So ok, half true.
I bought one blck top.
Simple, yadayadayada.

Couldn't find freakin' jeans.
which was so upsetting.
Topshop had jeans but were slim leg and i can't get away with slim legs cause they make me look like rempits.
And we don't want tht to happen, now do we.

So yeah, Zara had some BUT since y'knw i'm short and petite, there were none.
And the ones tht were nice, i found out, i already own them.
SO it was Forever21.
They were lawaaaa.
But long and they cost at abt 189 bucks.
I had cash tht time but was really doubting.
Cause it was long and i'd have to go alter it which would take time and well, banyak hal

Broke fast at Dome cause Chillies and TGIF were full :o
I mean, c'mon.
We should hv gotten there like at 6 and make a freakin' reservation.
but nooooo.
So yeah, went to Dome.
OhMyGod, the Spicy Olio Pasta is like, freakin' sedap.
And the mushroom soup tooooo.
And Emina brought her chunky huge peanut MnM's and she actually ate it with her soup.
Mygod 0.o
HAHAHAHA, she was like, so awesome.
We're gng after raya, definitely.

Then, Ky came bck frm a mini date with her *latest* boyfriend.
Went to Baskin Robbin's to y'knw sit down and talk.
We haven't had tht in a long time.
So ky had a lot to spill.
From her dad's death to her mum's upcoming marriage.
It was nice of her to tell us all.
I mean, i thought it'd be awkward but KY is like amazing.
She can tell you everything.
PLUS, she's gorgeous.
She had an amazing new hairdo with fantastic looking hairdyes.
I mean, it was brown.
Nt too brown but brown.
You dig ?

Tomorrow i'll be off to Penang fr early vacation.
So tht's 3 days of skipping schl.
THEN, raya.
Don't get me wrong. I really DO enjoy raya.
Just tht, this year we hv exam AFTER raya which is stupid if you ask me cause tht means we hv to study DURING raya ( just in case you couldn't work things out faster like the other mankind on earth ).

I hate studying.
Cause unlike Rach, who claims to study last minute, STILL manages to get straight A's which sucks.
I mean, nt fr her.
But fr me cause i can't help wonder how come I can't get things in my head as effective ?


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