Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shopping Day Out

It's 8:39 pm and I am feeling sleepy. You have no idea how happy this makes me!!!!!!! I'll finally be able to sleep early and wake up early (we hope!)!! I've been on a horrrrrrrible sleeping pattern what with sahur and the world cup going on.

(Side note : I am INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLY happy that the German team won!!! Sooooo happy!! They've been playing beautiful throughout the tournament so I'm over the moon that they got to bring back the trophy to Berlin!!)

But I slept pretty late last night and I had to get up by late 10 because I had a shopping date with Marissa. And I haven't had a single nap today so I'm already feeling quite tired. And all of this before 10 pm. This is what I call an achievement, ladies and gents!

As we girls do, we headed for all the make up stores and swatched everything like crazy. I came out empty though because I just bought myself a new NARS lipstick and a MAC blusher the other day so I wasn't in dire need of new make up (this is all jokes, because I really want the mineralised skin finish highlighter from MAC criessssss)! ZARA's sale wasn't half bad because I found myself pulling clothes that didn't look like they were from the sale section but totally were. Of course I came home whining "Maaaa why is it there are so many nice clothes when you're not around to shop with meeee". This is true k! I always find nice clothes when my mum isn't shopping with me. And when she's RIGHT THERE, the world decides to hide all pretty clothes in a hidden storeroom.

My eyes look so small without eyeliner!! And I finally see some of me eyelashes! Hmmm that Eyeko mascara really did work...

I'm leaving for Penang next Monday for my 2 weeks raya break so I'm tryna soak up as much retail therapy as I can because if you've been to Penang y'know there's no Zara. No Zara no life lol just kidding (not).


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