Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keluar Lagi,

Ok, today.

Got a harsh awakening by my sister, Iman who barged in and told me to, quote unquote "Wake up cepat or else". Then my mum called despite only being a few meters away. I had no choice, really but to wake up. And I slept really late (like 0330 hours) so it was only logical that I was so sleepy and planned to get off my bed by at least 12.30 pm. Bathed, and did the usual routine of searching helplessly for outfits to be donned and grabbing the straightener (for necessary parts of hair in need of help). Finally, I was done after numerous honking from outside (courtesy of Mother) as a reminder (slash warning) for my sisters and I to hurry up. Fine, in the car we rushed.

We reached One Utama and I was hungry as I haven't eaten my breakfast. Mum suggested Delifrance but I went straight up to TGV where the boys promised to meet up. Once there, met Sanju, Hanif, Haris and Hafeez. Got myself some Milo from the McDonald kiosk to satisty my thirst (and hunger but who cares?). We walked and walked. Walked aimlessly. They wanted to watch a movie so bad so we checked out the showtimes for both cinemas, TGV and GSC. Settled for an 18PL movie in TGV but the girl in the counter insisted for identification. HAH, so called lenient staffs. Got tickets for High School Musical instead after much convincing from moi. After purchasing tickets, again, we walked aimlessly. We went to the arcade and got tokens and played Daytona. May I remind you again I was the only girl. Oh, the embarrassment. As obvious as how Perez is gay, I lost. Terribly. Hafeez said, throughout the game, all I did was 'pusing pusing'. Maybe so, but I enjoy changing the gears (like a pro which I am anything but). Twas enjoyable, nonetheless. Hafiz arrived with a tired-I-Just-Rolled-Out-Of-Bed look. Poor boy. Got lied by Hafeez who mentioned that the movie was for a 1215 show when in fact it was for a 130 pm show. We then went downstairs and played a round of foos. Though i supplied the tokens, I wasn't in the mood to play (read: lose) foosball so just watched instead. After that, a game of snooker was enjoyed by the boys, me being the outcast (I chose to be one as i miserably suck in snooker) again. Had lots of laughs with them, one so hard when as the game ended, they decided to foolishly goal the white ball using the sticks. I laughed so hard that I didn't realise that the ball went off and landed on my foot. Ouch. Amidst limping, we got hungry, so ate at Burger King. Since the movie starts at 130, we chilled first. Only by 130, the guys wanted to pray so Sanju and I went to TGV first. ONLY TO BE REALISED THAT, I (hehe) misread the ticket and the movie did not start at 130, but 30 minutes earlier. Joy.

After prayers, the boys returned and we went up. The 4 H's (Hafeez Hafiz Haris Hanif) went to sneak in a cinema, movie unknown. Taking the chances, they went in. Sanju and I still really really wanted to watched High School Musical so we pursued the original plan. I love High School Musical 3 ! I really do. Yes, truth be told, I was a bit skeptical at first since the sequel wasn't a personal favourite (I hated it). The dance moves are definitely something I would love to learn. After the movie ended, Sanju and I waited an extra half an hour for the boys to finish Bangkok Dangerous. Met Sarah, Aimi and Yusrina. They left to send off Yusrina. FINALLY, Hakim showed up. Walked to the second wing and we played (again) Daytona, and I joined him to play that shooting game (totally oblivious to the name of the game, as you can see) and lost against him. After that, played foosball (again), this time particularly, Hafiz called me out to witness an innocent scene of 4 young kids playing snooker. So young that the sticks were longer than them ! Was cute in how this one boy held the stick in such an awkward situation and chose to ignore (so wise) the giggles heard around them. Ah, to be carefree again, a dream of mine.

When Asar arrived, the 4 H's went to pray dutifully and so Sanju, Hakim and I went to MPH to wait for them. The boys got hold of the Magic Eight Ball and played around asking ridiculous questions (Is Hakim gay? question was the first asked). Looked around and chose this one book but decided to put it on hold. Again, met Sarah and Aimi. The 4 H's arrived and we were off to Chillies only to be delayed as the boys stopped to flip the Guinness Book Of World Records for a laugh. As usual, chaos. When we got to Chillies, we ordered. Boys being tight on budget, just got an order for a drink. Treated them to some nachos and buffalo wings. Laughing is always something I do when in the presence of the boys. Sarah and Aimi joined, and we met Wan. Najihah came about 30 minutes later. After paying an amount we never expected, up we went to bowl. Oh Gosh, a sport (!).

Wasn't sure if I wanted to play as I had no socks but after insistence by some of them, I said to myself, "Why not?". Had a great time, surprisingly. Loved it. With all the laughing going around and the occasional moments in where if one strikes would put on a show infront of us and echoed laughters were followed. ( OK now dah suka bowling HEHE ). One by one, everyone started to go home starting with Hafiz and Sanju. The obvious absence was noted. Hafeez then went home, leaving Hakim, Hanif and Haris. Najihah, Sarah and I separated with them and played a game of foos. HAH.

Went into MPH and bought that book that I chose earlier. Sister called telling me to wait downstairs. Hugged my sweeties and down I went. The end of my lovely but tiring day.

See, who said I was a girly girl? Amik kau

With love,

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