Sunday, September 28, 2008


My 2 day seminar has come to an end
Was fun while it lasted

First day
Came at 830 or so and there was this long queue for DU. Met Erina, it has been awhile since i've seen her. <3
Registered and went in. Truthfully, i was quite intimidated cause there was so many people. Sat somewhere in the middle with Ila and the gang. Met Kyrina and Juju and there were some familiar faces. We had (not according to order) Maths, BM, Science, Geography and Agama
BM was the best because the teacher was good and incredibly funny. Learned alot, got alot, met alot.
After agama was done, we (Suraya, Juju and Kyrina and I) walked to (atleast attempted to) find a cab.
Took some time, hokay. And seeing this is my first time in a cab with friends, i was quite doubtful but after some reassurance, i was ok (HAHA). FINALLY got one after many many failed attempts. Was hilarious how we crossed the roads to find a goddamned cab. Ada yang lalu, langsung tak stop, dahla takde passengers. Malas. Heh.
Went to OU, first stop was Kluang Station (Kyrina's suggestion) but was full. Met Najihah and her parents and her little sister (!) and then we went to Ms Read, met Lydiya (lama tak jumpo). Notified ze parents who were also dining there, that i was having dinner with the friends and i was off. Nando's for abit, only to be let down with the number of people already on their asses and some still in the hope of getting a place. Wasted no time, and went to check out Carls Jr but the same disappointing result. Dying of thirst, headed to that bun shop nearby and bought mango juice (Awesomness, had real mango chunks haha, nampak sgt tak pernah beli). Delifrance was full so as a last resort, and as a last resort, went to buy some McShakers from McD and sat down to fill our poor empty stomachs (hahahaha).
Finally the berbuka puasa crowd simmered, we went to Delifrance, met Juju's beau and ordered mushroom soup.
Only that, i was already full. Met Syakir and the rest of his clan (Hi Sha!)
Went back after that cause of the parents.
Woke up at 8 the next morning (which was bad cause i planned to BE at KBU by 8).
At first, sat with the same gang but due to the lack of seats, moved back and sat with Kyrina and Juju.
Again, the seminar was good and worth my 150 bucks.
And the eye candy provided <33333 Hahahahahhaahahahahahahahaha
Seriously, though

Mum fetched and we went to the Curve for berbuka puasa.
Got myself a W magazine to occupy my time while waiting to break fast.
Had nasi lemak, was full, came back, exhausted, and i'm off to bed.


and all the freakin' best to my fellow '93s.


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