Thursday, September 25, 2008


I miss Aina, just this best friend of mine for 7 years.
We're the total opposites, me and her.
We don't have a lot in common, like how i like Paris Fashion Week and she likes Scary Movie 4 (!) but that's what i like about her.
She's not like my 'other' friends, yknw
She is funny and real (unlike my other friends who, like me, talk about sales and boys) and she makes me feel good about myself. I don't have to worry about what i wear or how i look when i'm with her. I don't have to care, really.
She makes me laugh til my tummy aches (very rare) and my eyes get teary.
We have stories to tell and secrets to share and we don't have to cover it up, cause we're so open to each other. (Well, the fact that we're in different schools helps.)
She's someone who you can talk to despite the fact that you only know her 10 seconds ago. I'm so envious of her for that. She has kabillions of friends and makes it so effortless to make new ones. I was a real shy girl when i first went to SKBSD2, and she was one of the first ones to come up and say HI (Shira was there too, i still remember looking back and she'd smile, haha). After 4 years together (she went of to boarding school at 13), i've become someone better. I know that sounds so Oprah Winfrey but really, i became friendlier and more outgoing (still working on it but atleast i'm trying) and i grew more and more independent, like Aina. She doesn't realise it but she's helped so much more than teaching me to play Speed (which she never fails to win. Damn you), she taught me to mix around with people more and be independent. Though my mum would love to take that credit, it's all Aina, i'm afraid. She's great, there's no way i can thank her enough (maybe belanja makan, but still!).

P/S: Not that my friends now aren't great but Aina's still number one. <3

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