Monday, March 15, 2010


Why aren't adults understanding ?

  • Who has that 'I haven't seen you studying, Nadia.' 'I have!' 'When?' 'Tadi, I just finished' 'Tak nampak pun pegang buku' moments ? Takkan I want to study in front of you. Takkan I want to make it my sole mission to come find you and sit in front of you and THEN baru bukak buku ? I thought that was what my room is for ?
  • And apparently, maths questions kan, 'If you do one question, and understand it properly, semua senang je!'. Ha-ha. Try doing it kthxbye.
  • 'Asyik keluar je, belajar tak!' This one frustrates me. I do go to tuition kan, I do go to school kan, I do study in my room kan. This ONE time I want to go out with my friends, it's like I've abandoned my studies.
You were 17 once, weren't you ? I bet it was never as hard as how 17 year olds have to go through these days. So let me breathe.

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