Sunday, June 6, 2010


Last night was well spent, girls.

So, first, went to Curve to meet up with Jan. I was there first so I ate at Starbucks, chic o' cheese OM NOM NOM. Went up to Cineleisure to meet up with Jan and we hung out at Juiceworks. She reckons I'm so ketinggalan for being a first timer at Juiceworks. I reckon she's food deprived because she hasn't eaten Ikea meatballs. Hehe. Kita sama, Jan.

And thennnn Suraya came and we watched The Killers. Dude, seriously, the guys beside me were so ecstatic and went overboard. Like, the scene wasn't even THAT funny and he was laughing uproariously. Macam 'OOOOOOKAY'. It was an ok ok movie. I was never a big fan of romantic comedies.

Then, we went for grocery shopping at Cold Storage and bought some food and snacks for the night. Chips and biscuits and more junk and food. Met up with Juju and Kyrina but we had to go back so we headed for Curve. Bought dougnuts before heading home. Ate dinner first before leaving for Jan's.

Settled around with the food at the centre. And talked and talked and talked. BEST. Now, I know everyone and everybody's stories HOHOHO. Stories that are only going to be kept between us and the 4 walls. Ate so much ! Serious, we opened everything and ate everything. Macam an unstoppable force. Hahahahaha. Even though we were so stuffed, we would still continue eating like pigs. Did the compulsory photo taking session on the webcam as well as singing shamelessly to Baby. Hahahaha. Then, we decided to play I Never which was hilariousssssssssssssss. Sampai terbatuk batuk minum air k ! Hahahahaha. So many secrets, so little time :')
We were bloated with water and snacks. 6 full bottles k ! Macam dah gain 2 pounds.

Nasib baik the next morning, we were up and awake for some swimming. Walked to the clubhouse and dove in. Dah lama tak swim ! :( Went back for breakfast. The meeeeeeeeeeeeee was so sedap, had 2 plates full. I'm a legit pig.

I'm full thinking about all the food we ate at Jan's o_____o

So much fun though, should do this more often :')

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