Saturday, January 26, 2008


so today was good.

first, i woke up at the-ungodly-hour-for-a-Saturday-morning of 9.30
with the new iPod speaker, i on the speaker and put on some music.
finally dragged myself out of bed and downstairs.
didn't have breakfast cause Iman and Papa got hold of the last 2 roti canai's.
so i was stuck with Cheez Dippers.
hahaha, twas nice ok

and then, abt 12, Mama came back from schl with lunch (!) and told me that Puan Azlin has given birth to a healthy baby boy.
so asked if i wanted to go and visit her at the Pantai Hospital so i said yes.
after 2 helpings of rice, i did a little studying.
did some homework and it was time to go.
so, since Tania didn't want to follow, it was just Mama and I.
and just this month, it's like the second time we've shared this girl-bonding thing which i looooove oh so much.
she'd tell me stories and in return, i tell her schl gossip.
the whole kabaam about friends, boys and studies.
we can relate cause she literally knows the people i talk about.
i mean, i talk abt the teachers who are her friends -.-

so thennnn, we went to Bangsar Village to get something for Puan Azlin.
bought some clothes for the baby boy and jam tarts for Puan Azlin.
and sat down at Starbucks for tea.
there, we talked about pregnancy and babies.
i know, disgusting but hey, it was OUR bonding session so might as well, make the most of it.

and then, we left. and she told me about some things i SHOULDN'T have listened at alllll, mygod.
so disgustiiiiiiiiiing.
i was like, numb to my asses.
serious shit, i couldn't feel my toes and ass.
cause wht she told me was disgustingly gross, it's nt even funny.

we got lost on the way to the hospital even though it was like, so near, hahahaha.
got there, saw the baby, talked and chat, til some relatives came so we went.
said our bye's.

came bck, went to room, read my book, was on the verge of sleeping but forced myself to come down and eat my dinner which i SO regret not coming earlier cause the fried rice was so sedap, :D
went bck up, read book, COMPLETED the book, came down, and here I am.

i want my msn back ):
and tmrw, i'm out with friends.


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