Saturday, January 5, 2008

pie with sighs,

dnt ask about the title.
was something i saw at Ikano -.-

i'm saaaaaad.
ok, well, not sad.
just, tired.
and depressed.
and mmmaybe, right now, a bit melodramatic.

i need something, i just dnt knw what.
a friend ?
a bbbbbbbbbboyfriend ?
or maybe just one night to go out and act loud ?

i'm TRYING to study, and i have but a teensy weensy so that makes me feel unaccomplished.
i want to be smart

i want to be really smart so that Natrah and her posse can come up to ME instead and compare marks.
i despise exams cause i know, beforehand, i'll get sucky results.

Rachael says she studies last minute fr the last exam, but she got A's, laaaaaa.

i want to get an A for something else then English.

I want to cry cause i'm scared.
No, seriously. I'm downstairs alone so i could really just cry.
I'm tiiiiiired.

pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplesase, i wnt to be intelligent.
for PMR's sake.
i knw it's too early to get all emotional but this is what i am.
i'm so freakin' god damn insecure.
i'm scared for something i dnt have to be.

why am i lame in Math ?
why, after all studying so long for history, can't i seem to project the facts onto my exam paper ?
why, can't i write a better essay for bm ?
why, is it that, i can never please my parents ?

ohmygod, i'm depressed.

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