Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-oh. Cicero. Lipschitz.

I'm really looking forward to ending AS now because I have big plans to revamp my room. My final straw was yesterday night when I could hardly walk without hitting something. This room is way too small for me. A queen sized bed is not necessary so that's the first thing I'm going to do; buy a new bed. And a new vanity table. Because my make-up and jewelry is everywhere and it is freaking annoying when I can't find any damn thing in here. I kinda prefer my KY room now because I know where everything is. Though it is still really messy. Ah well.

Glee featured a new video of the girls doing the 'Cell Tango Block'. Watched it and was such a cool concept, I had to Youtube it and realised it was a number from Chicago. I haven't watched it but after watching this little dance, I'm gon' run to the nearest DVD shop and get a copy because it looks so good. Sadistic but so cool. Maybe 'cause of Catherine Zeta Jones but still ! They sing about the extreme crime they've done towards the other and I just am in love with the choreography and the song because it's so passionate and it is clearly prevailed in their dance. Ah. So good. You can go Youtube the Glee version of it and it's pretty good... just not as good as this.

HMM vat else.


Fatin retweeted this and I thought it was too true to pass up

"Perempuan yang banyak cakap, dan banyak gelak adalah perempuan yang pendiam bila ada masalah. Dan banyak menangis dalam diam"

That's me. I talk way too much and as Hatim has concluded for me; I laugh just as much as I talk. But when it comes to my own personal problems, I like it to keep it private and to myself. Maybe it's because I don't like sharing my downs to a lot of people. I'd like it to be my own personal thing so I can deal with it by myself.. which is not healthy because you're supposed to let people know so that they can help you or whatever. Like I said, I like my personal space so my problems are usually something I hold close to and I keep it in. I shouldn't but I do it anyway. I love listening to other people and let them share their problems with me because I feel like I can try and help them. I do share whatever's bothering me to some people but the problems that affect me most are the ones I try not to reveal and tell as much. I should trust people more.


Nope, I haven't watched Avengers yet. 

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