Thursday, July 12, 2012


Gah. Woke up with bed sores and it sucks. Slept most of the day because I felt ill. I can always tell because I'm constantly dehydrated and my throat itches and I just feel really stuffy. Before anything though, Mum shoved a Panadol down my throat becaaaaause "Prevention is better than cure!"

#nowlistening to Frank Ocean's 'Pink Matter' of his new album. So good.

Went out for a Sisters Day Out with my sisters because Iman has been bugging me about the karaoke session I promised her like months ago. They skipped school because I told them to. Lol, not really a good influence as you might suspect.

Didn't karaoke as long as we would have liked though because we got tickets for a movie at 530. As long as I got to sing my favourite song (cough One Sweet Day cough) (and Superbass), I was good to go.

Watched Andrew Garfield in spandex for the second time and it was still as 'amazing' as the first time I watched it. My sisters enjoyed it but I enjoyed it more when I steered my eyes away from the scenes yang macam terkejut and saw their priceless reactions instead. Highlarious.

#tvseriesi'mnowwatching Person Of Interest. Quite good though I'm like dying waiting for the 4th episode of Suits season 2. A 2 week hiatus from their last episode ?!?!?!?! Why. Why would they do that? Why.

Couple more days to college. Shit lah damn bosannnnnnn damn fasssssttttttt whyyyyyyyyyyyyy nuuuuuuuu should take more time out on my bed and take full advantage of hot water and air conditioning. But ugh the thought of going back to college and getting back to the boring routine is just tak sedap punya feeling.

Planning on a Baby Food Challenge soon with my sisters. Sounds gross right ? I should film our reactions. That'd be pretty epic.

God bless and may you have a great day ahead wherever you are.


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