Thursday, May 31, 2007

suria klcc,

yes i went there just nw.
best weiii.
lama x pergi situ so i was like, wide eyed everywhere.
like a deer caught in headlights.
first went to marks&spencer.
bought a pair of jeans (:
then went to topshop.
sadly, bought nothing.
but nvm.
the shoe tht i wntd frm there, no size.
so saw this purple top which was really lawa.
wntd to buy BUT no cash.
and then kan.
omg, i saw this bag.
handbag la.
omg omg omg. nw i knw wht i'm saving fr.
hahaha, omg.
i love sgt tht bag.
and bnyk la.
topshop i love.
so then went to er... isetan.
bought a JordiLabanda file.
glad i bought it.
and then i saw this cute elmo notebook.
wntd to buy fr karen dearie.
cause she LOVES elmo.
so next time i buy la (;
and thennnnnn went to Dome.
awesome chicken pie wei.
but huge portion.
but STILL, i wnt chinoz nxt time.

ok then, tmn my sister go kinokuniya but as luck would hv it, it CLOSED.
prolly fr restocking or something like tht.
haiyo, i tell you ah.
and then went to Furla.

and then went to MontBlanc.
fr the sake of it.
oh oh oh oh oh oh, and i saw.
wait fr it.
i shriek like hell weii.
ooooooooooooohh, i love it.
tht's why i love marcjacobs.
i do i do.
see, i'm still crazy.
over it i mean.
and then i went to pfft, where ar.
oh yeah, to Parkson.
to buy swimsuits.
dnt ask.

oh after tht.
went to Haagen Dazs.
or is it Haagen DaSZ.
which one first.
the z or the s.
well, wtvr la kan.
before icecream came, went to tower records.
ask fr Beyonce's cncrt Live frm Wembley.
when she showed me, i again, shriek.
i should seriously stop shreiking.
bloody annoying.

and then came bck.
ate pisang goreng .
watched cncrt.
and lepak a bit.
too tired to do pretty much anything.
and then, i'm here.
with karen on msn.
and chcking my blog cmnts fr myspace.
oh dear.
i need a hobby.

really bad.


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