Monday, May 14, 2007


today i'm gonna just hurry.
so, i went to schl, and it's a Monday but didnt hv tht LONG perhimpunan we always had.
and i didnt get to sing tht bestari song. haha, i love it ok.
pfft, nvm THAT.
Karen and Nikki didn't cooooooooooome.
haiysho, why la.
i knw karens out sick.
kesian herr.
she lost her voice ok.
gosh, i want to lose MY voice.
so tht i can shut up fr the day.
i pretty much did nothing at home except fr tuition.
and studyy a bit, teeny weeny bit.
haha. no, like seriously. i dnt hv the mood to study la.
omg, wht's gonna happen to me !

Miss Gemma Ward is making heads turn with her natural beauty (Gosh, tht sounded so reporter-y) and her effortless fashion statements.
Ok, so maybe this looks a lil blah to some ppl but i love it.
with much poise, she carries off this outfit really nice.
nothing can go wrong with blck right ?
This is bckstg at Donna Karan and tht's a MiuMiu dress. (:

i never did pay much attentione to MaxMara cause i was really hooked on BCBG MaxAzria (pronounce it correctly).
But i loved the collection from Spring 2006, i think.
really pretty, the colours.
love love LOVE it.
nice gl.
there were some couple of swimsuits in tht shade of pink i love oh so much but y'knw.
if i post it here, mcm it'll be a bit inappropriate.
still, dnt you love the flower print ?
it's beautiful and it totally compliments the neutral shade of the dress.

So yeah, i'll post up some more.
and if you're thinking, yeah.
i'm hooked to fashion. like, caption hook, hooked.
haha, i'm making no sense whtsoever.


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