Saturday, May 26, 2007


so yeah, i went to OneUtama.
with Fatimah, Amal and Illi (:
haven't been out with them like, fr aloooooong time.
so first.
we wntd to watch Pirates but we didn't due to some reasons.
besides, the queue was like, 7 kilometer long so malas to wait.
ditched the movie.
the Pirates wnt die anyway.
so then, we went ronda2.
talked and laughed like hell.
met up with Illi at Diva where they bought some necklaces.
was tempted to buy the blck earring but didnt wnt to cause i'll regret it much later.
we went to colours and amal saw this cute dress fr their prom.
i hv to admit, i'm equally as excited if the prom was really going to happen.
cause i found the omg omg omg most beautiful dress everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
from BCBG MAXAZRIA of course (;
i think i died tht second and relive.
so yeah, STILL ronda-ing.
cnt remmeber all the shops we went in tho.
all i bought was 2 latest issue of TeenVogue with Daniel and Emma on the frnt cover *squeal*.
and a 'Prada Princess' frm MPH. met Aishah there.
dear, if you're reading, i love tht off shoulder you were wearing.
wntd to ask where you bought it but lupa -,-"
and i bought er... oh yeah. a pink cardigan frm zara.
and i went to FCUK.
saw this amazingly pretty blouse,
ht pink mind you,
ugh, i actually called my mum to give hints.
haha, she said think abt it.
like wth kan..
and a pair of earring frm DeeperHarder.
oh and some things frm CraftHaven.
was totally unneccesary but wth la kan.
it was pretty.
so yeah.
and we went to DREAMWORLD !
stupido machine.
it took imgs at the most unexpected times.
so there were a lot tht we didnt want.
so nw i'm bck home
eating my mac&cheese, chatting with karen on msn.
with fatimah reading my teenvogue.
and tmrw, i'm cutting my hair.
chop chop.

i think my bad streak has come to an end, thnk god.


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