Thursday, May 24, 2007

3 cheers,

i have JUST finished my exm.
i couldnt be happier.
i need nt to studyy.
so ok, today we had our science and sivik (pfft) and pj (more pffft).
and like, omg.
science strtd off easy but there was this one question abt the stupid measuring cylinder.
dhla it's form 1 but hell susah weiiii.
thnk god, i managed to answer and also gt it correct. cause like, i went to see miss anniza and she told me the answer.
so i'm cooooooooooorreeeeeect !
yay me.
and then it was sivik, ayo, lg easyy.
and everyone at rehat were like studying like wht onlyy.
it's only logic sense rightttt ?
and pj puun everyone were flipping their books frantically.
goshh, it's HEALTH.
eventhough ada some yg DID need some txt book knowledge but hel-lo ?
oh and did i mention i'm having a bad streak lately ?
yeah, well. it's still not over.
i'm expecting some really good stuffs to happen to me !
it better happen.
it's nt fair.
nt fair, i tell you.
nt fair.
so, yesterdayy.
was the sejarah, music and i frgt.
yeahh, the worst exm day ever.
ihaaaaaaate sejarah. and i haaaaaaaate music.
i think i'm gonna fail music.
cause like i was like org gl je trying to hafal all the alat tradisional, this tht this tht so much music history tht i didnt hafal or learn the notes.
so, i'm pretty much doomed.
and sejarah.
oh gosh, who doesnt hate history ?
tell meeeeeeeeeee.
oh well, i hate it. hate hate hate it like to the extent tht i dnt care at alllll.
and i didnt even get to study chptr 4 !
cause was too busy with music.
i wnt to cryy.
i cnt believe i actually so stupidly masuk music when i could go fr arts.
seriously la.
first and foremost, i dnt play any instrument or wtsoever.
and i'm nt tht er.. musical you could say as the other kids.
ugh ugh UGH !
i wnted to like step on it and thrw it in the waste bin.
dhla music nt even important.
sejarah way way more importnt.
and i hate myself fr thinking the opposite.
and to make matters worst, nt gng anywhere fr the holidays.
ws supposed to go pangkor with the rest of my cousins and all but found out tht ALL yes, ALL my cousins are gng and sure, i'm gng to have the time of my life. NOT.
so, i'm pulling myself out of this pngkor.
i'm hoping oh so much tht they'll be a lot of trips to one utama with friends.
tht smiley wasn't even frm the heart.
i just saja je.
omg. i am so depressed, its nt even funny.
and this holidays are gonna be spent alone at home with mama and papa.
maybe kan, with them can go out to klcc and all.
they're like tht.
once me and my other sibling are away at kampung or wtvr, they'll go out like, everywhere.
haha, so yeah.
yay me. yet again.
and mama will spend money on me cause 'nvm la. kesian her, she tak pergi holiday w/ the rest'.
haha, is tht awesome or whaaaaaat ?!
i'm good.
so yeah, after exms, went to fasta pasta (;
with papa.
see, nt even holidays already being spoiled.
i ate the really-omg scrumptious spaghetii scampi.
oh tht reminds me.
NOTE: ask mama to go chinoz at klcc to eat during the holidays and maybe more clothes at topshop fr me. (;
oh and er.. tuesday, me, sarah, yus and athirah went to the library.
first we went to yusrina's house to change and then we were off.
this time, we went UPSTAIRS and met Zuhairi.
oh god, tht guy i tell you.
talks so much, haha.
but really funny and yeah, nice.
so after some studying, sarah, yusrina were hungry.
so we went dwnstairs to buy food.
unfortunately, no maggie.
actually got, but athirah dh ambiiik.
and sarah took the other one.
but i was ok cause wasnt hungry.
and went upstairs and studied some more til mama came.
then went bck.
and studied cause was hell scared.
and right nw, emanuel ungaro has made it to to my top fashion designers. (;

so, i'm off to browse more collections.


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