Monday, May 21, 2007

read all abt it,


exm today.
wht again ?
wait, i hv short memory span.
oh yeah.
bm paper 1 was alright. i think.
cause yeah, my bm paper 2 sucked a whole lot la.
and we had maths.
shitto mundo cause we could nt use calculatoooooor !
i actually bought a brand new one cause i lost mine and was panicking.
haishooo -_-"
and we had geo.
ohmydear, hard like whaaaaaat.
i think i'll get a friggin' C.
wait, scrtch tht.
i'll get a D fr sure.
hard la.
i dnt see the use why we hv to knw malaysia and it's bla bla bla's.
i mean, it's enough tht i'm living here in the HOT weather.
seriously, it's very hot nowadays.
tht is why ppl, i need to get out of m'siaaaa like NOW.
it's sad knwing this upcoming 2 week holiday are gonna be spent here.
sad la kan.
i wnt to go somewhere.
my cousins wnt to go to pangkor.
talk abt lame la.
i mean, hel-lo.
they're spending 2000 bucks on the hotel ALONE.
i mean, tht 2000 bucks can be spent like, somewhere else.
it could be spent on a single plane ticket ok.
i'm thinking japan. (:
nice rightt ?
nt exctly fashion heaven la but STILL, it's really pretty.
AND clean, i might add.
or maybe australia.
heck, i'll even settle fr INDONESIA !!
bt please, somewhere out.
cause, i've done some research (ehem) and this is like the only year in a long time t come tht we're free from any major exms.
next year, i hv pmr (dreads) and sister has upsr.
the NEXT year, brother has pmr.
after THAT, i hv spm so no way gng anywhere.
LATER on. brother has spm AND sister has pmr.
god, tht's already 4 years oledii.
taalk abt trgic.
so yeah.
i'm gonna continue my studying.
maths, damn.


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