Tuesday, May 29, 2007


she's like one of my best friends ever since std 4 weii.
i looooooove her.
and i haven't seen her in like a yeaar.
she looks totally totally different.
and tht hair, ugh i LOVE.
she's also my ultimate shopping buddy kan kan ?
but the 2 times i went out with her was the 2 times i didn't buy nt even a single thing.
which i may add, is a totaly big bummer. 0.o

but the NEXT time, i WILL buy.
so yeah, she bought things frm Roxy.
damn rich wei her.
aiya .
haha, but nvm.
she says she dh lama x pergi one utama.
so yeah.
let her spennnnnnd.

i WANTED oh so much to buy tht file kat Roxy, kan ky ?
but it was like a hundrer bucks and all i had was a hundred bucks.
no way, Jose buying tht ONLY.
stupiiiiid right ?
so then wntd to buy the wallet tht i've wntd lama gl dh.
but the one on display was the last one and oh well, it sucked.
so came bck home, empty handed.

felt so naked without a plastic bag in my hand.
but nvm save moneyy (:

besides, mama DID say friday gng KLCC when the rest are at pangkor.
Chinoz, Topshop, Marks&Spencer, Kinokuniya and Isetan where got the popcorn yg sdp gl.
hahaha, here we come.

oh and topshop at one utama is stupid fr opening lmbt gl.
nvr think abt others.
me, fr instance.
hahahha :D

KYRINA, my dear.

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