Sunday, May 27, 2007

so alright,

hi peeps.
today is sunday and pretty much did nothing.
laid down, marked my mum's test papers fr 3 Eins and 3 Edi.
and then, omg.
nothing, seriously zilch.
i had absolutely nothing to do.
i didn't even step out of the house.
sumpah weii.


oh, and just read my teenvogue *whooo*.
the one with dan and emma on it.
yes, ladies and gent, the one i have awaited fr oh so long.
read it like, berulang ulang kali.
i love dan.
and emma.
and rupert.
i love them.
i truly doo.
and they even said well, daniel la yg said 'We fancied the hell out of each other when we were abt 13 to 14 years'
i was like, awwwww.
mcm dhla i'm the hugest fan of daniel and emma.
i mean, hel-lo.
matchmade in heaven tau.

and then it was pretty much -.-'
this is wht i call wasting time.
i should hv went out.
i really should.
like the garden.
i haven't been there like fr a long time cause i hate those cats.
they keep pooping everywhere.
and i hate my garden.
it's so messy now.
some day, I, yes ME, i'm gonna cut the friggin grass and plant more flowers.
and kick the cats out.
sorry la, but they're being layan-ed a bit to manja these days.
nak sepak je.
sorry to those cat lovers.
reality bites.

so yeah, my grandparents are cmg tmrw.
yeayy !
they're the best wei cause they absolutely love one utama so you can bet your dollar tht we'll be gng there.
haha, yeah.
and then they give us the shopping money.
haha, best right ?

i wanna insert some things.
did i mention tht Henry Holland is pure genius ?
er, hell yeah he is.
he made all the slogan tees abt models and celebs.
mostly models which i can relate too.
they're really fun too.
wait a sec yeah.

see, here.
this one says 'I'll show you who's boss, Kate Moss'
i like it, it's cool la.
and th worst part is tht the nearest place i can ever get my hands on is at singapore.
so faaaaaar.
pfft la.

this one is cute.
'Flick Yer Bean fr Agyness Deyn'
aggy is one of his close friend and they work together on quite a lot.


'WHAM Bam Thank You Stam'
haha, cute kan ?
i love this one too cause Jessica Stam is personally one of my favourite models.
and yeah, this tee rocks.

this is kinda er... weird.
'Let's Play Naked Twister Linda Evangelista'
fr the guys, obvs.

'My flies are undone, Lily Donaldson'
again, fr the men. with dirty minds. dirty, ew.

and last but not least, 'Who needs husband, i've got House Of Holland'
House of Holland is the clothing line, btw.

actually kan.
we could just do it by ourselves.
take a big shirt, one with colour preferrably.
and write big block letters with stencil and cut it out.
stick it on the tee and outline it.
then, just paint or y'knw.
put big big diamantes.
very inexpensive.
so yeah.
i'm hunting fr one big shirt.
zara, off we go.


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