Thursday, May 24, 2007


jordin won (;
but i still love blake lewis, y'all.

and wasnt the finale the bomb ?
best righttttttt.
so yeah, tmrw is teachers daaaaaayyy !
they had better be a good day fr us.
bnyk org are gonna ponteng tmrw i.e sarah, diyana, lian and etcetera.
i thought teachers day like, supposed to be gl happening and all.
well, anyways.
i loooooooooooved chris richardson just nw.
oooh, he melts me.
and melinda was really awesome.
i miss her ):
haha, and haley scarnato (is it correct, cause i main hentam je) yet again, wore like, really sexy clothes.
god, so wht she has really nice legs ?
pfft, so cheap.
and sooooooo.
i watched E! haha, cause like, it's my favourite channel nowadays. (sep sikit sarah)
i mean, gossip 24/7.
bad fr you, yeah pfft wtvr la.
i still like it, and you'll shut up.
and gt la the red carpet eent fr Pirate Of The Carribean kaaaaaan.
Zomg, i didn't knw Orlando Bloom can be THAT good looking.
i mean, sure he is but before this, i was 'yeah, so? he's nt all tht anyway.'
and nw, i totally take bck my words.
he IS very charming.
and he IS very good looking.
and yes, he IS the best ever pirate in history.
oh, yeahhhh.
and he is my new celebrity crush.
you see, i chng my crushes like i chg clothes.
move over, you and you.
it's time to make way fr orlando bloooooom.
and chad michael murray as well.


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