Sunday, May 20, 2007

with love,

heyy there dear friends (:

i'm bck.
busy with mid year exms which i may add are sucky.
monday, i hv maths *moan*, geography *grumbles*, and something else i totally frgt.
i just hope i dnt fail any.
i wnt to get like, a and b only.
c and d are a big no no to my parents.
esp when your mum's a teacher there.
heck, she'll knw my results before ME.
just finished watching Akademi Fantasia (lame yeah, i knw) but the final weren't all tht bad.
atleast by the end la.
cause Aswad, Ebi were ew.
I loike Mila desppite the fact tht ppl say she's all gedik.
But like, hel-lo.
Newsflash--every girl is gedik.
Anyway, i didnt go anywhere today.
was SUPPOSED to go to tuition but totally frgt.
honest mistake, VINODA !
i DID frgt.
nt tht it was on purpose nt to go. believe me, i need all the help i can get.
why oh why exms ?
WHY ?!
pfft, it's nt like we'll die and it's the end of the world kan.
i mean, Bill Gates got KICKED out frm schl.
or something like tht la, and nw he's like the world's freakin' richest man.
and Oprah and Beckham aren't tht clever la kan.
I mean all they do is talk and kick balls *snicker*.
and they're getting a kazillion a year.
life can be unfair, huh.
so ok, i was practically screaming when i saw this on (yes, i do like gossip, so shut up).
first and foremost, i love love love love harry potter !
and dan and emma are like, the perfect couple eventhough they're really aren't.
i'm SO excited, i'm actually gng to buy 2 copies fr the sake of it.
oh yeah, and one for shira dearie (:

and who says i'm growing up too fast huh ?
i'm 60 percent kid.
yep, it's just tht i like playing dress up more than the other girls.
i dnt wear coloured tights anymore with shirts full of crazy paint marks.
i'm still a kid, and i dnt care wht you say.
believe me when i say i'm still crazy over Barbie and The Little Mermaid.
i still wish Ariel was real and tht she could make me a pretty mermaid with flower in my hair.
see, i'm a kid til I say so.
YOU can say wtvr you want.

ok, it's 1 in the morning, sunday.
i'm off to bed.


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