Sunday, August 26, 2012

Home far away from home

Ever since I could remember, waving Bye to my grandparents as we leave the Penang porch to head back to KL has always ALWAYS been such a tearful one. I remember holding it in when I was a kid because I have always LOVED Penang. It is no doubt my second home; always look forward to 'balik kampung' although it's not really a kampung when it's a bungalow huh.

My siblings and I would take such a long break from the end year holidays and go off to Penang and we would have the time of our lives ! With Mak Tok's cooking and Pak Tok's ever willingness to play around games with us and our cousins later joining us; it was a very lively house 24/7.

I love Raya basically because we all get to gather in Penang and eat and sleep together like a big slumber party with my cousins.

This year, we spent a week in Penang. Most days were occupied with eating and watching Pawn Stars (I don't know why my younger cousins LOVE this show but it's actually quite good now that I've watched several episodes. Very factual!) and our nights are always us kids (Yes i still consider myself a kid) playing card games and Pictionary. I'd bust a gut from laughing so hard playing the games; especially Pictionary ! I miss it all already !

All in all, I had a splendid raya and a great time with my family the whole week; cannot imagine spending my Raya elsewhere :")

Also, on the 24th we celebrated Papa's birthday so happy happy happy birthday to my hero and to everyone's funny man ! Love you til the end of day and so lucky to have you as my father.

My grandfather's love for golf has influenced Papa and Zaim and now they're hooked ! 

Pak Tok and his prized possession - his garden.

This was our 'Pictionary Finale' played last night but this time we featured the adults. Good to know that they were as kecoh as us. SO much fun. 

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