Monday, October 27, 2014


This weekend my brother came to Bristol to visit his wonderful and lovely big sister (me). And it's always always nice to have family around. That and maybe he wants me to treat him lunches and dinners.......

I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he came all the way to visit lil ol' me.

So nice to have him around even just for the weekend because he's my brother and obviously I love him but also because he's one of the funniest guys I know so I had a lot of laughs with him and because we're family, I'm totally myself and chilled around him. LAHV IT!

Anyone can tell you that Zaim has always been the clown in the Zainudin household. He always makes my mum laugh even since young! He has this wit about him that Iman has slowly emulated and she's growing to be more and more like Zaim in her own manner. I love my siblings and I'm really really happy and proud to call them my adik-adik. Also, now that we've all grown older, we've become more close and we don't do petty fights anymore hahahah I'm happy that nowadays they tell me everything that's happening with them and I appreciate them allllll the time although sometimes want to slap and kick but always always want to hug and kiss !

Zaim was craving for burger so I brought him to GBK obviously because once you eat GBK you don't want to eat any other burger joints! And as expected he loved it! This is how I would describe how good GBK is, ok. The past summer, Tania came to London for a month and she is, as everyone who knows her would know well, a HUGE health freak. She finds comfort in eating fruits all the time and hasn't eaten oily or fried food in eons. Basically the opposite of me. I love fruits, don't get me wrong, I do. But she actively goes out to buy fruits and makes her own juices and all that lah. So much effort. So anyway, I heret her to a GBK in London because I was craving for it so after much persuasion, she ordered a burger and their famous famous famous skinny fries. And she loved it so much, we went there several times after that. And we tried to not go to the same eatery because we wanted to explore but she loves the skinny fries like crazy that the times after that it was HER who heret me to GBK. Guys, if that's not good enough of an indicator then I don't know what it.

Zaim loved it so much that we went there again for lunch today, thank God for their student discount and my beloved GBK app!

Walked around Clifton while waiting for Amir to come back to his place because Zaim wanted to watch the MU v Chelsea match at his place. Didn't get to the Clifton bridge though because we were short on time so we just went in to the Bristol Art Museum and that was my first time after being in Bristol for a year lolz I really should do more Bristolian things. The night before, we went to Brandon Hill and that was also my first time there! Not sure if I'm the one visiting or Zaim, really.

Was so much fun to have him over because I finally (!!) went out on a weekend night. Quite dodgy and don't know if I'd do it again willingly but definitely enjoyed the company.

Weekend passed by so fast eeeeeek time to face reality now! Hope you had a brilliant one too!


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