Saturday, April 10, 2010

Retro Metro

Phew ! Ila's birthday was awesome possum ! Was one of the earliest so borak borak jap and the table collapsed. Slowly, the party people arrived. MALAYSIAN TIMING WHAAAAAAT
Kaveetha menepati tema ! Retro metro dirty fellow k ! Hahahaha. Everyone else looked stellar as always ♥

  • As per usual, dancing was the main agenda. Lights were switched off completely and everyone danced. 'Cept for me and a few good others. Amy, Li May, Kaveetha and Lian as well as the birthday girl herself, danced like maniacs ! Party animalssssss xoxo hahaha
  • Kept going in and out for drinks because it was hot but it's alright, it's okay sebab lagi best macam tu. Baru nampak macam dalam club o______o
  • The birthday cake which was this Chanel handbag in pink was brought out by Aiman and everyone sang Happy Birthday. Kuat gila pulak tu awwww so sweet lah can die like that ! HEHEHE.
  • And then there was the opening of the birthday presents time. Ila was so cute bila bukak birthday presents dia !! Hahahahaha, excited gila bukak semua presents :') AND DAMN NASIB BAIK GILA TAK BELI THAT CHAINED BACKPACK FOR HER SEBAB YAHI DAH BELI ! :( But it's all good, I hope you liked mine (and Tania's) anyway !
  • Apa lagi ehhhhhh. OH YAH, took a lot of pictures, of course. And I brought my camera so lagi lah banyak. I posted them on facebook and turned out all of em were small, hati patah berkecai ribuan keping (?). So I had to upload a brand new batch. They're like 369 photos but I only uploaded 199 haha. Penat lah k.


  • Woke up to a phone call -.-
  • Got ready for Ikea.
  • Ate my meatballs. And got carried away with chicken wings too.
  • Went to the Market Place and also got carried away with unneccesarry things like say, PRETTY LOOKING STRAWS AND PAPER PLATES !! Hahahahahaha. I also don't know why. Everytime I go to Ikea, lagi nak ada rumah sendiri so that I can buy everything in Ikea :B
  • Bought a new pillow and wrapping paper cause the wrapping paper at Ikea rocks your socks.
  • Spotted a bookshelf that I want sangat sangat. Cannot describe because I'm no good at describing.
  • Mum says she'll get it by the end of the month along with a new bed and a make up table which I'm desperate for because I've been doing my eyeliner by squatting down on the floor because the mirror is too short. K WTF NVM
  • And my room clearly needs some storage space, you seriously can find Neverland under my bed. Ok no lah but you get what I meant.
  • My mum dropped me off at OU and headed to meet up with the twins, Grace, Ashley, Hakim and Hafiz. Skipped on waffles and opted for a very masam ice lemon tea. I don't know why I always order ice lemon tea. Bukan lah sedap mana.
  • Went up to the futsal thingy for a while. Then came down because Brenda Belinda wanted to do some shopping.
  • Got a new top :B Liked the skirt but my mum is going to scream if I got another one seeing I leave my other skirts at home, unattended and collecting dust. BAH
  • Walked around aimlessly with the twins and Karen later and went to O'Briens for a bit.
  • Cotton On to meet with the others.
  • And left for Delicious for early dinner with my mum and Tania.
  • KENYANG, thanks ah spicy seafood spaghetti, serious thanks.
  • Went up to Nike cause my mum wanted to inquire about shorts for my dad (!?) And my feet started to hurt thanks to those wedges I had to wear today. Dahlah jalan banyak gila. And I haven't worn those in a long time, asyik pakai flats je, so it was hard. So I changed shoes with the new ones I bought from Cotton On HEHE
  • Grocery shopped at Cold Storage and back at home we were.

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