Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hari Jadi Ila

This is Ila on her sixteenth birthday.

You're awesome possum lah k ! I'm glad you masuk 3 Edison and glad that you sat beside me in form 4 and in form 5 :) Eh, form 3 pun kan ? 3 tahun berturut turut ! Hahahahaha. Thank you for hearing me out masa form 3 boleh ingat lagi yang kita borak kat corridor tu hahahaha and in form 4, it was the best year sebab I can't remember being serious in anything because of Hafeez and Hafiz sitting behind us. Asyik gelak je kerja, patutlah add maths fail :( Hahahahaha. You're the life of the party.. every party lah basically ! Hehehehe. Thanks for everything, me love. God bless and I hope you get pretty pretty presents and I hope you had a stellar birthday ! Kita dah 17 lah Ila :') More years of friendship to come, I promise you !


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  1. Awww...that's so sweet! You are always such a nice and sweet person! I'm proud and glad to know you! :)