Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It is, actually. I'm not a huge shopper like how some people are. I used to have that irritating feeling of 'I HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING FOR THE SAKE OF BUYING SOMETHING'. It got tiring after many years. And now I shop very little. I haven't had a decent pair of shoes since Raya and the last baju I bought was.. ok, quite recent. And it was nice too. But it's an awesome feeling, isn't it. Especially if you're like me when you find faults in everything right down to the zipper and stitch. And when you finally get that one thing that gets you ticking in all the boxes in that mental checklist you have in mind. But then, there's the fitting of your choice. Which pisses me off half the time I find something I'm in love with only to find it either i) WTF THIS SIZE SUCKS ii) WTF THIS COLOUR MAKES ME LOOK NEON iii) WTF I'LL HAVE TO OWE YOU MY LIFE LAH LIKE THIS SO EXPENSIVE !!

But hey ho. Things happen for a reason. I stick by a rule. I'll only buy it if it's something I really really really really want and I can't live with it and for the next 24 hours I'll be thinking of it and only it. Which happens seriously as rare as seeing me running.. for fun o_____o
Ok not funny ha ha.

HMM. I feel like going shopping. I feel like spending money.. what's left of it anyway. I NEED A BREAK.

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