Sunday, September 25, 2016

4th Vlog


I feel really annoyed at myself for not finding the time and energy to update both my blogs and my own personal diary. It's only been a week and there have been times when I used to not update this blog for much, much longer but it's not even that! I don't even try to draft a blogpost anymore. I used to that a lot - regardless if it makes it to the blog or not.

And I haven't gone out shopping which sounds very materialistic but still! Working from 10-7 does not really allow that. And I generally really dislike going out on weekends because of the crowd and the thought of having to find parking but that's kinda the only option right now for me. I find that I get sleepy wayyyyy early these days which is something new to me. I used to power through the night, sleeping at 5 like it's not a problem. But now I try to make sure I clock in 7 hours of sleep AT LEAST. And I don't go out to have drinks at the mamak so often now. Times like these I kinda miss being in school? Too soon to say I miss being a student? 

Also, Tania has left for the UK and she's right now, on her way to Nottingham to settle down. Haven't gotten the chance to speak to her yet but I'm so happy and excited for her and for my cousins who flew to the UK to study!! Feels also really odd that I'm still in Malaysia this late in September. I hope to go there sometime next year to visit! Should be really fun. But still, I miss my sister!! Wanted to shop yesterday and I was so determined to go out, but after getting ready I realised I didn't have anyone to go out with! I could bring Iman but she's been busy with studies and I didn't wanna get in her way. Sometimes I feel like the only child at home which isn't necessarily a bad thing but growing up with 3 other siblings, it gets a bit lonely and boring.  

On top of all that, my maid of 22 (!!) years left unexpectedly and we were quite saddened about it because I didn't really get to say my goodbye and my thanks (though I hope she knows this household is forever grateful for her help all these years) but we all wish her great health and happiness. Wished we took more photos with her - we only ever really took photos during raya but can't seem to find any. I'll post it up here when I do find a good one. It's a bit surreal to not have her around the house anymore. She's been with us since Zaim was born! We've all texted her personally and we genuinely hope she comes back when she feels like it. Love you, Kakak!! 

I'll update later on the second day of my Seoul trip (I'm only on my second day????) but here's the vlog for our fourth day! Editing and uploading takes a lot longer than you think. We both thought we took a lot of videos but evidently, we didn't!! Hmmm.... looks like we would just have to go to Seoul again.........


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