Tuesday, October 4, 2016

5th Vlog

I'm currently at home after the weekend away at a hotel in KL. Mum decided to book a hotel room for the three of us (Iman, Mum and I) as a treat. I highly recommend staycations. You don't really have to travel and you get to stay in a hotel room. It was supposed to be just for a night but after much persuading, we extended it to 2 nights. 

Didn't really do much other than to KLCC and Pavilion but it was just really nice. Something about hotels that I love. Is it the bedding? Is it the carpeted floors? Is it the really luxurious bathroom? I looked forward to staying in a hotel this whole week!!! I miss it already. Would it be excessive to do staycations once a month??? 

Cheated this week and combined 2 days in 1 vlog because our 5th day was really short, we came home pretty early in the day because of how cloudy it was. Next time I travel I'm definitely going to have one whole day dedicated to staying home! 

I think the reason I've not been blogging is because I have nothing to talk about really. I'll write more once I get a bit used to working. I'm also not used to having a routine again to which I have to strictly adhere to. I wake up at 7 these days - working day or not! Which is massive for me. I never knew what morning was...

Hope you enjoy this vlog and I also hope I upload on time next week! I tried so hard to finish editing by Sunday latest but I loved staying in a hotel too much to constantly be on my laptop! I didn't even get to catch up with my Korean variety shows. And that says a lot.


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