Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Funday


I just got back from dinner with my family at Dancing Fish in BSC. If you've not been, you have to. It serves Indonesian food and it's by far one of my favourite restaurants. Everything is so good! It's rice and lauk lah basically but really flavourful and with every dish, they have a dip of their own and it's made of different types of sambal belacan. I don't know lah ok I just love it!!! Go try!!!! Then thank me later. And then maybe treat me out also.


I have a greater appreciation for the weekend now and I've probably already mentioned that before. I was lucky enough to be someone who enjoyed school tremendously so although the weekend was great for sleeping in, I didn't mind Mondays because I'd be reunited with friends and let's be honest, school wasn't that hard. Neither was college. Ok no, KY was difficult but I didn't mind it because college was SO much fun, literally was a good day EVERYDAY for me there. So weekends were just... fine.



... now I love the weekends. Not that I hate work but it's a completely different ball game and I get it why adults used to tell me "Enjoy school, work is so different and so not fun!" when I was younger. School was fun and I'm really happy I found it fun because I know a lot of people who hated high school and I can't help but feel so kesian because I think everyone deserves great school years that they would want to go back again and again. 

I, also btw, wake up as early as 7:30 these days, weekends or not! Which is new because I used to power through the night completely fuelled by my enthusiasm for Korean dramas and variety shows. Now I'm so lembik when I get home at 7 and completely out of it by midnight. And I'm up even before my alarm. You learn something new about yourself all the time and my ability to wake up early and stick to a healthy sleep routine is, well... my something new.

Work has been going well. I'm slowly starting to get involved in meetings and putting forth my opinions to Nelissa and her team. It's really a new experience altogether because for the first time ever I'm doing things other than studying! I'm actually contributing to operations and marketing and sales and this and that. It's a pretty small team so I'm lucky in the sense that I get to learn a lot first hand. And Nelissa is a pretty chilled out boss so it's not like I'm working in a stuffy environment. I mean, I get to wear jeans to work. Yas!

But the more I work at NH, the more I kinda want to start up my own business. It's stressful and there's a lot of really boring technical stuff you have to do before getting to the fun bit but I just love the idea of being an entrepreneur. I think it's because it has to do a lot of economics and knowing how the market works and studying customer behaviour and even to a certain point, understanding basic psychology. I won't know how to expand on that last one but it really does! It's a lot to do with thinking what's something else that's new and exciting that I can do and constant brainstorming "How do I get better than the next person?". It's competition and being innovative and I love that! I told my dad over dinner once that one of my small goal dreams is to chair a meeting because a) it sounds cool b) it'll probably signify I've become someone to be able to pull that off. Hopefully not too far in the future you'll see a blog post bearing the title, "CHAIRED MY OWN MEETING!" with exciting emojis. 

But you gotta start somewhere and this is my somewhere, I guess. 

Have a bloody great weekend! I'm working tomorrow at the pop-up store boohoo no relaxing, couch-potato-ing Saturday for me but atleast more pay hehe


P/S : Also a hearty thank you to everyone who wished me well after Hafiz's passing. Was so sweet and so lovely to see so many people check up on me. I don't think I deserved it but it was nice anyway to know I got some great buddies with me. 

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