Sunday, November 6, 2016

A 4 hour lunch

I haven't seen friends in... ages. Come weekend and I happily choose to be wrapped in my blanket and be surrounded by fort of pillows. So this weekend I thought I'd go out to see some of my favourite girls, Fatin and Sarah! We met up at Dolly Dim Sum for lunch. Dolly's is one of my favourite places to eat because it genuinely has really good food with some fun interior to match! It's hard these days to find places that are both real tasty and real pretty. 

We spent a good 4 hours catching up with one another. About work, about our opinions on feminists, about Pokémon Go, about families and friends, about Sarah's CSR projects and her explanation of investments, and just life in general. I love small lunch dates like these. I mean, I love the dinner party with the whole gang of course but it doesn't get any better than intimate meals like these with your best buds. Over this lunch I realised how grown up we all are! We were the three ladies at the table that my 10 year old self would have wondered what conversations could be had at 'that age'. And we're already at THAT AGE. I used to think 20s used to be so old. I'm turning 24 in 2 months, bloody hell!!!

But as much as I'd love to rewind time, I actually really love where I'm at. It's the time where I'm actually doing something productive in my life, where I'm actually working towards what I've always wanted to do! I mean, it's a journey far ahead but still, baby steps, y'know? It's surreal sometimes and I always kinda have to take a step back to realise that damn, we're adults now and we're actually in the midst of building our proper adult lives! We were discussing how different work life is and how intimidating it can get. Fatin likens first day at work as being that new girl in school and man, we've all been there at least once and it's scary!! Heck, even in KY it took me a lot of (literal) pushing to step into the cafeteria for the very first time. All eyes on you like you fresh meat kinda thing? 
And work life is so unlike school where you had text books and revision books to guide you. At work you kinda just go with it. The amount of times I've had to spend Googling business and marketing terms at work......

Anyway, I had a great time and I loooove these two, they're so cute and funny and so kecoh that it made my whole Saturday! I look forward to more lunch and dinner dates, girls! 

Fatin is seriously one of the most photogenic girls I know!!!!! It's actually quite frustrating!!!!!

I took Sarah's angle and so that was how she posed with me for all the photos we took together... with her back against me! Sigh the difficulty of two friends who like to be pictured from the same angle!! 

Can't wait for Iman to finish her SPM so I have a buddy to go out with on weekends. I miss karaoke-ing and that's already first on our list to do. Can't wait! 

Hope you have/had a great weekend! Also, is there any existing protest or request online to implement a three-day weekend? Surely there must be because surely everyone hates Mondays.


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