Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Shop-lot factory

Had a fun day at work today! I wasn't in the office per se as I went on what Hanif, the person in charge of production (also incredibly funny), would say "Tour". Kinda felt like it too!

We went to our stockists first and brought shoes for them to restock. Got to meet Kak Su at BVII even for a lil while! Then we went to KLCC because Nelissa has some shoes stocked there in Isetan. Hanif drove in to the loading bay and he kept laughing at me because I was genuinely really fascinated! From Marks and Spencer to alcohol suppliers, everything! The loading bay btw is huge. It's massive, and the lift stinks like rotten fish. Maybe 'cause it actually carries fish on a daily basis. I forget that Isetan has a whole grocery department downstairs so there were a lot of food going in and out. And we went into Isetan through the back rooms where all the employees hang out. Felt kinda cool?? 

Then we went to the factory where they make some of the shoes. I thought it'd be in this huge space, like as big as the Willy Wonka one. It wasn't. It was a shop lot but extended to two floors. You won't know this about me but I have this intense fascination on how things are made. I am endlessly curious as to how ANYTHING is made. From lipsticks to roof tiles, I love seeing the process of production. For me, it's like physically seeing how 2 and 2 adds to 4. So the trip to the 'factory' was an incredibly insightful one. From how they slap the Nelissa Hilman tag on the soles and stapling leather onto the heel, I was in * a w e *. Genuine awe. 

Wasn't there for too long as we had to rush elsewhere but here are some photos I managed to take.

This mak cik was so friendly and nice, I actually spent some time listening to her stories as she continued gluing things on. 

I love learning more and more things about retail and fashion as I work with NH so things like these excite me. Whenever I can, I always pester my colleagues and even Nelissa herself sometimes about the industry and the whole start-up culture. Would love to blog about it but need to be working more to do that haha!

So close to the weekend already, yes!!! I'm definitely getting myself churros this weekend.


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