Sunday, November 13, 2016

Donald Trump and boys at Uniqlo

It's a glorious Sunday! I woke up at blissfully at 11 today, and only because my grandfather had called me. I'm about to go get ready to go to OU in a bit because I've run out of facial cleanser. 

So, this week USA got themselves a new president. I didn't follow the US presidential election because well, I wasn't interested in it. I did, however, feel just as anxious to know who was going to occupy the White House for the next 4 years. And ???? Donald Trump ???? I don't have to know much about politics to know he' not just unfit for office, he's also ridiculously intolerable! The things he has said about minorities, about women, about immigrants, about Muslims, about everyone other than white people!!!!! It's vile and it's something I haven't come to terms with. I don't think I will. But on the bright side (can I even call it that...?) it's been highly entertaining to see comedians and talk show hosts give their two cents on the results. I love how passionate they are in denouncing Trump, as they should. Best thing about the Americans is that they say whatever they want to say even if it is on national TV. Something I think maybe should also be implemented here (without anyone having to be jailed for). I spent my whole day yesterday watching about a thousand Youtube videos of the ladies at The View were (Whoopi and Joy are my new favourite people btw) and Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Russell Brand, and so many others talk about how inept Donald Trump is. There's that tiny beam of hope that he somehow makes an effort to show he deserves that position...? And not talk bat shit crazy things like a lunatic??? I don't know, one can dream.

I spent the day today strolling around OU by myself. Being a frequent OU goer, I know weekends are when half of Klang Valley goes there so I opted to make my life easier and not spend half an hour on parking and grabbed an Uber instead. Wanted to get three things; facial cleanser, churros and doughnuts. Managed to get the facial cleanser from Etude House, no one was at the counter at the churros place and Big Apple closed down! Devastated because I was really looking forward to eat something sweet! Also, something I realised, Uniqlo has some of the cutest employees. I thought it was just the one that I frequent but they're everywhere! Not Abercrombie hot but geeky cute like how you'd think a Uniqlo wearing boy would be. Go to a Uniqlo and keep an eye out and let me know if it's the same. Because really, they're quite easy on the eyes. 

Oh! You know how I went on and on on how much I love Girl Boss? Well then this week I came across an article about how Nasty Gal was going to file for bankruptcy. IMMEDIATELY, I questioned all that I read in that book! I was kinda angry because after reading more articles about Nasty Gal, I discovered so much shitty stuff that was going on with the upper management and how Sophia's ego post-Girl Boss became so inflated that she became distant with the very brand she built. Their ill-treatment towards their employees was atrocious and it's kind of a nightmare. If all that's been reported is true then they kinda deserve it. Karma, people!!! Don't treat people like shit!!!

Ok I'm going to go make myself some really spicy ramyeon and watch some shows before I head to bed. 

Have a great week ahead and be nice to people! And moisturise! 


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