Sunday, March 8, 2009

Miss Balmain

I can't wait for the holidays to arrive.
I'm currently in my parent's room, LOCKED, and watching a total marathon of Brothers And Sisters. Talk about being unproductive.
Yesterday was fun, Li May and Nicholas planned a surprise party for Debra for her 16th. 
Before that, went present hunting for the birthday girl at One Utama and met Marc and Johann. Later, Aidit joined. Had some drinks at the Jetty and I flew solo after that because the boys needed to get ready for the party (ie cook).

I am currently coughing my guts out (please, not literally) and a headache which is probably due to the not-eating-lunch-and-breakfast thing. 

Favourite fashion week show is freakin' Balmain, serious crap. I would actually wear the whole thing right down to the MC Hammer-gone-fantastic pants. Any replicas for a HUMANE price for the sharp shoulder jacket or better yet, that studded mother load of a skirt ? Not that I'd have any guts to wear that. But they are pretty stellar. I love you Christopher Decarnin, always have, always will.

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