Tuesday, December 16, 2008

At Ease

My phone's being an ass and refuses to charge and I have given up all tiny bit of hope with it. It has succumb to it's death, sadly enough.

Mum has given her green light to allow me to buy a new phone but I'm still on the edge of doubt. New phone usually means ".. no more buying anything for the next 6 years!". Now you know where I get my exaggeration expertise from. My mum told me to hunt for phones online and I just glanced once and was bored. They all look the same ! Let's look at the pros and cons of owning a cell phone.. for my sake. You can exit your way if you have anything better to do, like, say, sleeping.

1 I'll be able to communicate with the world once more.
2 I'll get to enjoy what I couldn't like having more than 1 (I KNOW!) song and a bigger memory capacity (my current phone is so lame, you can only have one song and messages can only reach til a total of 100.)
3 It'll be a new change of sight.

1 I'll be able to communicate with the world once more
2 I won't be able to buy anything for atleast the next 6 months.
3 It won't make me any happier

I won't be able to be reached via phone.
There's always Myspace and that Chat box on the right.

Astalavista, BABY!

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